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2011 College Football GAme of the Week...........Tie Breaker

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  • 2011 College Football GAme of the Week...........Tie Breaker

    To the Final Four:

    The ARMY/Navy game schedualed for this Sat will be used as the contest tie Breaker per Rule 3 of this contest. Please submit your Side, Total, and combined Score for the tie-breaker. The combined score of the 2 teams will be used as the Final tie-breaker in case there are 2 or more players who get both the SIDE and TOTAL correct. Who ever has a combined score that comes closest to the FINAL SCORE will be judged the Winnner. 2nd and 3rd place will also be determinded the SAME way. Please submit your picks in an e-mail to me on or before the usual sat deadline of 10:00 CST. If I get all four picks before the deadline i will POST them EARLIER.

    Sat Dec 10

    NAVY -7

    The Following Players please submit your pics to me:

    Augustus 11-3
    bret3518 11-3
    garister 11-3
    Oldluds 11-3

    The e-Mail address is:


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    You could throw a hook on each number so their wont be any pushes. Just a suggestion.

    Good Luck Everyone!!
    good luck


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      @ Garister: Great Idea, may take into consideration for next year, but the prediction of the final score should weed out any pushes


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        1. Navy -7
        2. Under 57
        3. Combined score: 55

        Poster Name: Augustus
        NAVY -7

        Total 51



        Army 31-28


        Navy -7

        Under 57

        Total pts scored 52



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          Congratulations to Brett, he is the winner. Congratulations also to all that did well.


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            looks like garrister to me


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              1. Brett
              2. Oldluds
              3. Agustus

              Congrats to the winners!

              I will relay the winners to Jeff


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                Rules say pick the side,total, and the combined score for tie breaker never says if the side out weweighs the total or if one is the first tie breaker...looks like we coud have more problems haha


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                  Job Posting: UPDATE ; We are seeking a qualified player to run the college bowl contest for 2012

                  Position: Manage and run the College bowl contest.

                  Skills needed: Really none. It is preferred that you cannot spell or place two words together correctly.

                  Special Requirements: The ideal person for this position should also be very good at driving customers away. A strong use of the ghetto language is preferred.

                  Experience: The more you lose in your bets the better qualified the candidate is in telling everyone else they suck.

                  Must turn bitch into a 4 or 5 syllable word and use that word or a variation of it in every post.

                  This is a one of a kind position and with the right person we actually think we can drive this ship deep into an ocean together.


                  The bowl squad.
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                    FSU, I believe Xbigpappa is correct with the final standings.

                    I don't see how it could be ruled any different.

                    Congrats to the winners


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                      Congrats to Bret!
                      Thanks to bigpappa for running things.
                      Just to prevent further speculation, big did a good job during the last 3 weeks corresponding about a couple things that came up. So although rest of you may not have been involved, he was quick and gracious in his responses.
                      Good luck to everyone in the Mock and NFL contests, not my year in either of those.


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                        Good job guys congrats to the winner and everyone who played.

                        Thanks Jeff for Hosting and Funding this contest.

                        With out Jeff this contest would not happen. I know there is this host called (xppig) who thinks that the sun rises and sets on on his every sloppy move to keep this contest alive.

                        I already know you what you all might be thinking, just why is Carpet spending a second on the subject of why Xpigg is qualified as a host? Time is up, wow that was a quick second.

                        Oh wait, i got something........Nothing.


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                          i agree that he got it right Monroe i wasnt trying to disagree...

                          Thanks to BETTORSWORLD and jeff for the contest


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                            Tough break for garister... he was the only player to get the side right with Army... but still ends up out of the money.


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                              RULE #3.
                              3. The contest will run from Sept 3rd (Labor Day Weekend) thru Dec 3rd. Any tie breaker will be decided by the Army/Navy game in on Dec 10th.

                              garister 11-3 YOU WON THe CONTEST.

                              In every contest that I have participated in, the winning selected SIDE is the outright winner, not the Under, TOTAL SCORE, or whatever BS that x decided on. The latter, under, total score, is used only for tiebreaking.

                              Since I didn't have a shot at winning, I didn't look at the way x configured the tiebreaker.

                              Here's the actual final results.

                              Augustus 11-4
                              bret3518 11-4

                              garister 12-3

                              Oldluds 11-4