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  • NFL Week 14

    Here are a few games I really like.

    NYG +4.5 @ Dallas - Dallas has not been playing well lately failing to cover 3 in a row as the favorite. They had to go to OT to beat a 4-8 Redskin team that had lost 5 straight while averaging a measley 10 pts per game on offense along the way. Then it takes a last second FG to beat Miami by 1 at Dallas. And then they can't handle the then 4-7 Cards as a TD favorite while only managing 13 pts on offense. Yes New York has lost 4 in a row but they did almost beat GB last week, plus 3 out of the 4 losses were to 10-2 SF, 9-3 NO and 12-0 GB. Dallas is not playing like any of those teams. New York should be getting Ahmad Bradshaw and Mario Manningham back, plus Hakeem Nicks is finally getting healthy. Dallas may get Miles Austin back but not sure how much of a help that will be considering Laurent Robinson has filled in admirably. And last time Austin came back he didn't even make it to the end of the 1st Q. Should be a close game.
    Houston +3 @ Cincinnati - Cincy on a slide lately losing 3 of their last 4 with the lone win a last second win at Cleveland. Yeah, 3 of the losses were to Pittsburgh and Baltimore but Houston is 9-3 and plays just as good defensively. The 4 division games in a row for the Bengals have had to take a toll. Houston has the defense and running game to make up for any shortcomings at QB, and Yates has been protecting the ball.
    Philadelphia +3 @ Miami - Eagles should get Vick back. Miami has been playing well but for the exception of Oakland the teams they have been playing lately are all on slides. Philly can show up when they want to and they should be much better with Vick. If Dallas loses to the Giants and Philly can win they will only be 2 out of 1st with 3 to play, including 1 against Dallas.
    New England -8 @ Washington - The Redskins lose their leading receiver in TE Fred Davis. 7 of NE's 9 wins have been by 9 or more, 8 of the 9 by at least a TD and 6 by double-digits. Washington is -13 in TO ratio and had 3 TO's last week in a 15 pt loss to the Jets, NE is +8 in TO ratio.
    Atlanta -3 @ Carolina - Carolina lost both starting DT's last week to add to a long list of injuries. Atlanta has already beat them by 14 earlier this year. Atlanta should be able to control the clock with Michael Turner who went for 139 and 2 TD's last time, and this time they should have Julio Jones to boot.

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    Not sure about the philly pick. Yeah, they have a better chance with Vick but he's playing still with injured ribs and will take some shots.
    philly isn't on a slide too? They can show up when they want? Playoff chances? Don't get that. Didn't show up in seattle and not sure they do enough here. Miami also has a run D letting only 3 rushing tds all year. Should be a good game.

    Like the other plays though. The atlanta one I'm not sold on completely as their pass D hasn't been great and cam can make plays. Also, matt ryan looked like road team matt ryan last week where he doesn't play great on the road. Should be close.
    good luck


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      4-1 with the 3 dogs winning SU. New England was my only loser missing the cover by 1. I can't believe how terrible their defense is. Miraculous comeback by the Giants. I had them +4.5 and +11.5/OV 42.5. After Dallas went up by 12 with 5 minutes left I slunk away to my computer to pout but when I saw they had the ball down by just 6 with 2 min left I went back to watch the end. Unbelievable, and I was definitely due for one of those.


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        great job.
        Yeah that giants game was un real. Loved it.
        New England was surprising but that 8 scared me. I posted it but my posts are leans I don't play them all. So I didn't bet on it straight instead I had a teaser for NE -1.

        Was off on the philly game but not surprised.


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          Great job Dragon! I should have followed you with my Mock Hilton picks!!!