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    62-62-4 record for posted picks. Ok let's increase that for the positive.

    Colts @ Ravens -16.5
    that is a lot of points. I believe we are getting to the end of the season and after a nice lead they'll go easy maybe even rest a few people and allow the colts to score something anything. Taking the points here.

    Texans @ Bengals -3
    I like the texans to win straight up here. I believe their defense will be enough to hold back a high score and the weakened bengals secondary will let up a large enough play if need be but most likely lots of running and short passes. Work the field and clock.

    Chiefs @ Jets -10.5
    I hate giving the jets that many points but I think Rex will want to toughen up sanchez give him confidence going into the home stretch and they will pass a little more and score enough to cover. Also the defense should hold palko. Only so many hail mary's get answered and he used his last week.

    Vikings @ Lions -10
    AP and Ponder banged up and may not play. The viking secondary got lit up by tebow and Stafford is looking like he's recovering from his finger injury. Lions looked less than stellar last couple weeks but that was against arguably the top 2 teams in the NFL. Look for them to go lights out.

    Saints -3.5 @ Titans
    This is a tough game. It has the aura of upset on it. It has the let down feeling. But I can't go against Drew Brees. Saints are 3-3 on the road losing to GB, TB and SamB (rams). No 'B' in tennessee. Buy the hook to 3 just in case.

    Eagles @ Dolphins -3
    Vick is back so the eagles should be good to go right? Vick played majority of the games this year and how's that worked out for them? His ribs still aren't 100% and he's even talking about sliding to avoid contact. Guarentee if he takes off he'll slide, backwards on his ass. Defenses will target him and that'll make the throws difficult and aganist a miami team that has let up only 3 rushing td's all year he'll have to throw. Like this points and the fins.

    Pats -8 @ Redskins
    Several redskins have been suspended this week that are key players in the team's function which isn't fully functional. Lack of TE Fred Davis will show though I still expect rexy to have a decent outing against a bad patriot's defense. Like the pats but hate the points at 8 but will take it. Just hope they don't do what they did last week. Oh and fantasy owners who have gronkowski you'll get a TD. This time it will be a record breaking passing TD. Look for it.

    Falcons -3 @ Panthers
    Falcons had trouble in houston but that's the #1 (or 2) defense in the NFL. Still, turner wasn't amazing and Matt Ryan looked poor as he tends to in away games. Panthers have won 2 in a row and are coming home from 3 road games. Their D is not very good but luckily Cam Newton is playing extremely well and the atlanta pass D is not that great. Look for Cam in this game. If he's playing well they not only cover but win.

    Bucs -3 @ Jags
    Does this game need to happen? Freeman is very sore but has been practicing and looks likely to play. If they can score more than 17 points they win since that seems to be the jaguar's cap. Only so much MJD can do for or against an nfl team.

    49ers -4 @ Cards
    I have been back and forth on this game. I can see this being close or a blowout (again) which was only 3 weeks ago.
    But the cards have been playing better lately especially on D and special teams and Kolb is back... for what that's worth. They beat dallas last week at home and sure people want to blame garret for the TO but as I recall that didn't end the game the defense letting up an 80 yard drive in overtime did. Can that happen here? Can this come to a FG? To overtime?
    I don't think so. Zero rushing TD's allowed by San Fran. Maybe with Willis out they let 1 through but not enough. No, I see the 9'ers taking care of business as they want to wrap up a 2nd place and bye and with the saints breathing down their necks they need to play well.

    Bears @ Broncos -3.5
    Bears are having and will continue having trouble scoring without cutler and/or forte. Denver's defense is playing very well and if Palko can bring a Hail Mary then Tebow can bring the apocalypse. I think this is low scoring and denver wins. I'd buy the hook though just in case at -3.

    Raiders @ Packers -11
    I don't think the raiders will win and I don't very much love this pick either. No Denarious Moore, no McFadden no Jacoby Ford. They just don't have enough here to compete otherwise I'd take those points. Still there can be garbage time to come back in but can't count on that.

    Bills @ Chargers -7
    Chargers looked good monday night... against the jags. Bills not very good. Are we suppose to forget the 6 weeks of bad football by the chargers? Is that just poof gone? Bills have lost 5 in a row aren't they due too? Taking the points here.

    Giants @ Dallas -4.5
    Giants need this to retake the lead in the NFC east. Cowboys need this to stay far enough ahead their week 17 rematch in NY may not matter. Cowboys get back Austin and Robinson looks like he'll play after a mild separated shoulder but we'll see how they hold up in this hard hitting game. The points are too high here take the points and enjoy the game.

    Rams @ Seahawks -10
    Marshawn Lynch will run all over the field. Bradford may be out which would leave 3rd string backup qb and with a seattle team that is actually playing well and this game being in seattle... rams lost 24-7 at home a couple weeks ago. It'll be worse than that monday night.

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    Wow! Did that Giants win make your day?! Eli does it again. But our Defense sucks. We're not going far, but if we win the Division we will get the Falcons or Lions in NY. That's winnable, but then it's off to GB or NO or SF.

    But as long as Dallas doesn't lose two and Giants win two, or vice versa, the last game will still decide it.

    I think Dallas wins the tiebreaker if they win the last game and we end up tied. But that may be determined by remaining division games - Giants vs Skins and Cowboys vs Eagles. Do you know?


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      Amazing win. just amazing.
      Won some money this weekend too! Had a few teasers and some other straight plays. Had the over and gmen + over in last nights game.

      Last game decides if:
      Dallas wins their next 2 and we beat washington (jets game won't effect us negatively for the last game)

      Last game doesn't matter IF:
      We win the next 2 and dallas loses to philly. Then we'd own the other tie breakers if we lose week 17. NFC East Champ (Wins tie break over Dallas based on best win percentage in common games.)


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        7-7 on the day with those picks. gotta love that 500 streak.

        Do like the seahawks tonight. Bradford is a maybe and the next in line is a 3rd string QB.


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          For some reason I took the Rams at +7.5 in the Mock Hilton contest. I picked early in the week and not sure I like that pick now at all, even at 10. It was a first reaction pick basically because I couldn't believe the Seahawks could be favorites over anyone, especially TD+ favorites. I mean, seriously, when were the Seahawks last a favorite? This could be the first time in over 2 years.


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            ^my thoughts were the rams couldn't be favorites over anyone. At home the seahawks being fav's make sense. The 10 was more when no one knew who'd qb for rams. They thought it would be 3rd stringer qb. It moved to -8.5 and even 8 at some places close to gametime.
            Took it at 10 and had seahawks -7.5 in mock hilton. Good weekend for me actually.
            Also have an open 3team 10pt teaser. hawks +1.5, under 48 (both covered) atl -1.

            8-7 positive week