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  • Black Cat's Slump

    Hey Cat - don't worry, we all have tremendous confidence in your ability. Your record speaks for itself over the long haul.

    A few things on this week:

    So you lost two GOW in a row, hard to pick THE game. It's handicapping your own handicapping. But losing 2 in a row compared to the Packers losing 12 in a row? Nah - come on man, we are talking 4:1 vs 4K:1

    Jacksonville/Tampa: Tampa is certainly injured as you noted, but since JV has signed . . . well the Flem file covers it pretty well:
    On Monday night in Jacksonville, for example, the Jaguars were trying to compete against Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers with a secondary that featured Ashton Youboty, who had been signed off the street three weeks ago, and rookie Kevin Rutland, who had five career tackles to his credit and was later benched -- in favor of Morgan Trent, who had been signed off the street five days earlier.

    Flem File Article

    All my statistical analysis has TB winning, but not covering; however, with 2 DBs off the street, a fired HC, the team for sale, and a underperforming Gabbert at the helm, I just don't see the Jags as a 5* play. I may have Tampa as a 1* play. JV's best plan is to run and TB's best plan is to throw, so it should be interesting.

    SF is your GOW, so I'll be on it with you. Best of luck to both of us.
    Eagles/Miami: Eagles scare me with Vick
    Houston +3 - you are in good company. Seems like every sharp bettor is with you there

    Hey Best of luck, keep on doing what you do. We know even the best have slumps and like you have done in the past, we all look forward to a STRONG emergence from the mini-slump from you.

    I had to start wildcatting in the Mock Hilton Contest in a desperate attempt to push myself up into the top, but hell, we all know how often that works. Picking the obvious won't move me up in the standings, so it's the only move I have left.

    OK my friend, best wishes, keep the faith and the wins will come. You are ahead of me, so I just posted this as an FYI, but I will be following most of your plays.

    Thanks for your efforts, I read you EVERY week.
    As Always - Good Luck,


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    Thanks for the support. Its probably helped my record quite a bit that I won like 8 in a row on the GOW. Its always nice to have one in the backpocket. In previous years, I think the GOW was something to be avoided. :-)


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      My picks are 95% statistical, so I sometimes get things wrong in the commentary. Sometimes my comments come directly from the numbers, sometimes they don't.


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        I only had 2 games, Baltimore (ouch that hurt) and NYG. Just didn't like much.

        Best of Luck, looking for a strong comeback from ya.
        As Always - Good Luck,