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Will SF ease up now they have clinched?

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  • Will SF ease up now they have clinched?

    Doesn't seem to be a guy like Harbaugh's style, but when making a wager, always good to know some other opinions.

    Saw Nada in the SF papers

    As Always - Good Luck,


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    they are still fighting for that first round bye so i dont think they will ease up completely..if they get a comfortable lead tho i do believe u will see less of gore and more of hunter


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      no reason to ease up at all. They are fighting for 2nd in the NFC against the saints. They will not let up.


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        sure looks that way


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          Don't believe they eased up at all. Alex Smith just blows.
          No Patrick Willis isn't good but no excuse either. No rushing TD's allowed yet which is impressive.
          They'll need to keep up the wins the next 3 to hold onto that tie breaker over the saints. 1 loss and they could drop their bye and home field advantage both of which they will need to go anywhere in the playoffs.


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            How about props to the Cards who beat Dallas and SF back to back. Took the Ravens and Giants with leads into the 4 th qrt.


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              the AZ D is much improved from beginning of the year...SF didnt ease up at all they were in the redzone 4 times and had to settle for FGs on each of them and thats why they lost the game if u dnt get in the endzone then u cant win..