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# 10 Illinois vs # 12 Missouri Mens NCAA Basketball Saturday

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  • # 10 Illinois vs # 12 Missouri Mens NCAA Basketball Saturday

    This is a game to placed on your radar screen as a must watch game.

    This classic venue dates back for many years. I can remember Lou Henson and the triple over time loss to Missouri and it killed the season.

    What can I say about this game that many read today in the papers. Here is what I see.

    Illinois plays better on the road then at home, don't ask me why they just do.

    The seniors of Illinois have won every ACC-BIG 10 challenge game over the last 3 years but they have never beat Missouri over that time.

    The one major concern I have with this game is the Tigers ability to get to the glass on both ends and limit Illinois to a one shot possession.

    Illinois seems to live and die by the 3 point shot they lead the nation or close in 3 points made per game. But when the shots are not falling from afar what is Illinois to do?

    It is called defense and Illinois plays the ball on both end of the court at a high pace under Coach Groce.

    Illinois has the guard advantage and with the play of the wings for Illinois (Tyler Griffey) will be the difference.

    This Illinois team has talent and they are being COACHED UP at the highest level.

    The Head Coach John Groce of Illinois is nothing short of a Marine Corps drill instructor. Operates at a high level of intensity and it shows. He took a rag tag bunch of talent and said lets play. This team has embraced this style of leadership with a "No Quit Attitude"

    Today they are ranked # 10 and that is for a reason and those of you that watch basketball you know the intangible I am talking about.

    It is called Leadership and I am placing my cards on the table saying Illinois wins this game straight up.

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    I got Illinois +2 this morning. Should be a good one!


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      Keys to scoring on Missouri

      Missouri will do a lot of switching. Most of the time the Tigers will switch everything 1-4 and sometimes 1-5. Lots of movement and screens will confuse them. Slipping the ball screens will lead to open shots and dives to the rim. Screening your own man also will confuse them on screening actions. Both defenders will stay with one guy.
      Because of all the switching there will be mismatches. It will be important to exploit these mismatches.

      Guards need to drive to the rim when being defended by bigs, and guards need to get the ball into the post when they are being defended by guards. Make Oriakhi run the floor. Bigs can beat him in transition.

      Watch for Missouri to play some 2-3 zone. The middle is wide open against the 2-3 zone.

      Most important is to play under control. Missouri wants to speed teams up. There will be open shots early. Donít be afraid to take open shots but make sure they are not forced or too quick. These shots will be available any time during the possession.


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        Darn another kick in the nuts.

        Illinois was exposed tonight in the paint


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          The woodee jinx and pro mizzou refs killed us in this one. Just let it slip away late. Was a better game than the final score shows!