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ILLINOIS + 10.5 at Nebraska

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  • ILLINOIS + 10.5 at Nebraska

    I am ground floor looking hard at this game 10.5 is spread.

    Illinois has a new offense this year and they can move the ball under OC Bill Cubit

    The huskers are a run team averaging almost 300 yards a game on the ground. I see no way that Illinois stops the run game.

    The scoring average for both teams is NB- 43.3 ppg vs ILL 40.3 ppg (3 point advantage NB)

    This Illinois team has no idea what it is to play a game at NB- and I truly believe that the noise will cause a lot of penalty for Illinois.

    While Illinois has shown a marked improvement from last year on offense they are always shooting themselves in the foot. The defense of Illinois has a major flaw it is simple they cannot stop a QB draw.

    Give me more time to look at this.

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    OVER maybe??? Huskers cannot stop anyone either!


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      I am going to roll with Illinois if the number gets back up around 10. I almost played them as my GOW actually. I think Nebraska's bad D will keep Illinois in it until the end.


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        I am playing the over 61


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          Man that was a tough one. The way the lone dropped I think there was a lot of money on Illinois.


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            This game was a pure kick in the nuts for me as I took the over at 61. 2 missed point after attempts spelled doom as it landed on 59. I also made a major capping mistake and failed to check the weather report for the game. The wind was a constant 30 mph.

            NEBRASKA rushed for over 335 yards at a clip of 6.7 yards per carry. We all knew that Illinois cannot stop the run game of NB this was no surprise.

            My take away from watching NB is they are Big and strong. NB has 4 seniors on the offense line that is a wrecking crew in creating holes for the run game. The one troubling thing I saw with NB is they are a sloppy team. 8 flags for 71 yards and two of those flags were Personal Fouls as they tried to hurt an opposing player.

            ILLINOIS: The wounded dog comes home to rest for a week and then host Wisconsin in Champaign. Illinois has got to be the worst team I have ever saw in tackling and it will cost them time and time again until they fix it.