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College football discussion week #11

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  • College football discussion week #11

    What does everybody think this week?

    Here are a couple of I would say leans more than likes for me:


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    Georgia over Auburn.

    But I want to hear your thoughts on this one too. With a win, Georgia makes something of their season still. But I've been against auburn a lot and it has not been profitable.


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      Actually Woodee, I do like Georgia. The thing that I am sure all of us know is that when a team is on a roll like Auburn it isn't wise to go against them. I think Georgia can certainly score lots of points on Auburn but both teams have a lot at steak. Too close to call on this one.


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        Two early plays.
        NAVY -9
        Going back to Navy this week.
        After a lackluster win over Hawaii, the Mids need this win to become bowl
        eligible. Armed Forces Bowl, Dec 30th, 11:45est. They travel to San Jose St.
        next Friday and have lost to them two years in a row, so they will take care
        of bidness this week.

        UAB@E. Carolina over 65.5
        UAB has given up over 50pts in 4 of 9 games and E. Carolina has scored over
        50pts in 4 of their 9 games. All of the teams (including Old Dominion) that the
        Pirates hung 50 on were/are better teams than UAB.


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          Ohio State is a 32 point favorite at Illinois, That is a boat load of points on either side of that bet.

          After review a couple things stand out with this match up-

          The Buckeyes know they must play at 100% no matter what to have a chance at the dance and they shall beat Illinois and cover the highest line on the board.

          Illinois Defense will not stop Ohio State from scoring there is no possible way. Illinois could have some success in moving the ball on offense but there again they will fail.

          Illinois is not going to keep up they are banged and thin all over.


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            K-State -10 over TCU--K-State is hot ATS and SU. Ride them over a average TCU team who should have got somiked by ISU last week but stole one.

            UNC +1 over Pitt---Let down City here. UNC has quietly won 3 in a row.

            Georgia +4 over Auburn----Just not a believer in Auburn yet.

            Also looking at---

            Texas Tech +2 at Baylor---Letdown, look ahead for Baylor but scared to bet against them with that talent!

            OVER Illinois/OSU 67


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              I was taking a look at that Ohio st game too. 32 points is a lot but they really need to prove how good they are to get a chance at the BCS title game. I do think Ohio st covers but I dont love the play. I will more then likely play the 1st half line. they are outscoring their opponents 283-91 in the first half. They are going to come out and put some points up.

              I like Baylor for the exact same reason. 27 points is a lot to cover but they have to do show what they can do. Especially if they want to leap frog Ohio st. Same story I think they cover but I like the 1st half play. outscored their opponents 319-49 in 1st half.

              Another play I like is Houston +16. I thought this spread would have been closer. Houston played with and had a shot at beating UCF who beat LOU. I expect this to be a close one and Im even considering picking Houston as my Upset of the week pick.


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                I like Kansas st a little also Woodee. I think Kman's selection of EC/UAB over is a good one. Ohio st can certainly blow the Illini out of the water but I am not a fan of laying that many points. Bret, I liked Louisville and now you have me second guessing on that one. It wasn't my favorite by a long stretch or nothing.


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                  To save thread space I thought I would post this here. Just for fun I am going to give you my favorite game in each conference this week with a brief explanation.

                  ACC (It was Clemson but they played last night so let us try

                  BC- home team series

                  BIG TWELVE

                  West Virginia- They mop the floor with Kansas


                  Louisville- I just think that they are better.

                  BIG TEN

                  Nebraska- limited history between the two but the Huskers have won the last three.

                  PAC 12

                  Stanford- they have the better team and have way more to play for. I like this one a lot.


                  Miss st.- Alabama will look really bad for a while in this game. Mark my word.


                  LA Tech- just a hunch


                  W. Mich- because they are the home team. lol

                  Mountain West

                  New Mexico- ditto

                  Sun Belt

                  Troy- I think Ole Miss is going to have a bad last three games..

                  The last time I did this I swore that I would never do it again. But I am bored..


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                    I am leaning under in the bama game too.

                    Bama 35-7 possibly? If msu can score?


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                      Originally posted by woodee12 View Post
                      I am leaning under in the bama game too.

                      Bama 35-7 possibly? If msu can score?
                      If Missy st can score at South Carolina, I promise you they will score against Alabama at home. The qb is not half bad and they run the spread which will hurt Bama some. I say like 24-10 Bama!


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                        RR, going to go against you on a couple. these second or mid games are based on
                        preception, rather than reality. Louisville is done. BCS and Heisman wise. They
                        have slogged along and Houston has been a consistent team. Rice has been a
                        great ATS play and I see them wiping out a La Tech team that is not the same
                        type of team we followed last year.

                        Rice -17
                        Houston +15.5


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                          At first I really liked Houston but I saw that the public is around 95% on Houston which i dont like. I will still probably go with Houston but just as a small play.

                          I like K State one of my favorite plays. TCU is not that good this year.

                          Couple other plays
                          Colorado st -6
                          Wisconsin -22 (I got the line early now its around -27)
                          Va Tech -16 They have been playing pretty good.
                          Duke +3 going to be my upset of the week pick.
                          Auburn -4 Ride the hot team.
                          Oregon -28 They have to destroy the team that beat Stanford
                          Standford -4 Just the better team
                          SDSU -5 Hawaii is a bad team.


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                            Colorado St. has a great runner in Bibbs, who went for over 300 yds
                            last week.

                            Colorado St -6.5


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                              One team we've all ignored or not talked much about is Wisconsin.
                              Indiana goes into the meat grinder tomorrow.

                              Wisky -27