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  • RestEasy NFL Week 11

    Well, been a crazy week for me. We welcomed our son (we'll call him lil' easy for now ) on tuesday.

    With the little free time i got playing

    4* colts -2.5
    Both teams lost to lesser teams colts are better than they showed. Trust in the colts here.

    5* Colts +7.5, over 32, detroit +8.5

    Good luck!

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    Congrats on your new son ;^ ) My daughter's expecting her 2nd in the next couple weeks.


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      Thank Dragon! That's great, you must be very proud. Wish you her and the rest my best.


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        Ok, got a moment of quiet.
        I hit with the colts and teaser looks good so far.

        3* Chicago under 41.5
        strong winds, rain. Should be a decent amount of running I'd assume.

        4* Houston -9
        They have actually not played too bad. They had a good game In KC, epic failure 2nd half against colts but kubiak a factor? maybe not maybe, good defense in AZ. Now they get the raiders without Pryor. Yep, I think they use this to bolster some confidence.

        4* San Diego -1.5
        Later start for cross country shouldn't be as hard as early start. They are the better team and Miami has a lot of internal problems along with a terrible line and a coach that for some reason believes Daniel Thomas can be a starting running back.

        4* New ENgalnd Patrios +3
        I think they win coming off a bye with an extra day for monday night. I do believe in the panthers as a good team especially that front 7 of that defense but it's a tough spot to be in with patriots having a chance to gameplan.

        1* NE ML +125
        I think they win.

        3* NY Jets -2
        I had them +1 earlier in the week but now seeing +2. It's an odd week (unless the pattern is win/lose/win/lose). Jet's defense can slow the runningbacks especially knowing that both woods and johnson are unlikely to play.

        4* New Orleans -3 -125
        If this wasn't in the dome I'd be more hesitant. Heck, in this dome we know teams can play lights out against the 9ers. (too obvious?)

        3* Cleveland +6
        I like their defense and the bengals haven't impressed lately. I think they can get to Dalton and make some plays on an injured defense with Jason Cambell and Josh Gordon. Maybe Cameron will have a decent day as well.

        4* philly/wash over 53
        skins just gave up 34pts to the vikings. Philly should perform well enough and the skins can generate some pts as well.

        6* Saints +3.5, houston -2
        5* San Diego +8.5, seattle -2, philly/wash over 43


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          Thanks all
          Jets playing like they did against bengals. I can see buffalo pulling further away.

          1* buff +3
          2* jax +7
          They keep it close. Az bad on road
          4* houston -4
          Oakland got 2 td's off turnovers. Houston can minimize that and have after being down 14-0. I think they continue doing well.


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            2* browns -0.5


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              Not the greatest day...
              4* san diego -3


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                I played giants pk 2nd half which hit. I guess the trick is to not post it.

                6* denver -1.5, over 43


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                  Originally posted by resteasy View Post
                  I played giants pk 2nd half which hit. I guess the trick is to not post it.

                  6* denver -1.5, over 43
                  I pretty much played the same play but Den -.5 OV 43.....looks good so far


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                    Got Denver -3 2nd H


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                      Can't believe how conservative Denver played this game, or why on earth they took Knowshon completely out of the game for such a long period of time and relied on a rookie in the most important game of the year. Totally inexplicable.


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                        From a fantasy football perspective I am highly pissed and extremely perplexed at Denver's strategy in this game. They've been saying they want to start giving Knowshon some rest going down the stretch but why pick the most important game of the year? Seriously, what the fucking fuck? Why do it in the middle of THE MOST IM-FUCKING-PORTANT GAME OF THE FUCKING YEAR? Instead we'll run a fucking rookie for a whole quarter and a half who has a propensity to fumble and can't pass block worth a fucking shit!?!? I might repeat that this was quite likely the most important game of the year. I just don't understand, I guess, what could possibly have been going through this coaching staff's heads.


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                          Having said that, I guess we won some money tonight!


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                            Sorry for the drunken rant last night. A very tall Bloody Mary w/ 4oz vodka and then a couple 22oz bottles of 9% ALC IPA's :^ /


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                              Big Eye IPA?

                              Any thoughts on props tonight?
                              Considering S. Smith will score a TD @ +145
                              New England, even with Talib back, already announced two more out in the secondary.