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College football discussion week #12

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  • College football discussion week #12

    Well I will start us again this week and I won't ever again try to pick my favorite of every conference. (man that was ugly)
    By the way Dragon, that was a nice call on the Stanford game last week. Between you and talking to Wisconsin on the phone I got off Stanford and took USC.

    I absolutely love Missouri this week. Ole Miss will score some on them but no way they stop Mizzou from getting a ton on them. Franklin may be back and help this week, although I think Mauk should play most of the way. Mizzou has to win out to win the SEC East and I personally believe there is no way that they won't.

    Isn't it about time that that sorry Texas A&M defense makes them pay. This week it will and I think LSU will give Manzell his worst defeat of the year that is until next week.

    Well these are my two and I love them so much they are going to be really good or suck. You make the call!

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    Where is everybody at? We had some great picks last week. Kman, you were right to go against my picks that you did. No thoughts this week? I suppose Woodee is silent because he is in the running for the contest. Carpet, who do you like this week? Just trying to get everybody involved again.


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      Well, it's kind of the lull before the storm this weekend. Even with A&M @ LSU and
      Baylor @ Ok. St., I just don't know what to expect from the other games. I've tried
      to be consistant in not playing the prime time matches and I'll only say that I hope
      both of the TX teams win.

      I've got three plays for Saturday:
      North Carolina -17 over Old Dom
      SMU -4 over S. Fla
      Both of the favorites are still in the hunt for a bowl game and I think each of them
      will win by 14+ points over the spread.

      Fla Atlantic -22.5 over New Mex St.
      Like the way the "sub" coach has his team going, hopefully they will offer him the
      permanent job. Here's a chance to hang half a hundred+ on a really bad team.


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        Here's what I got this week---
        Started a litttle late but found a few---

        Penn State -1 over Nebraska--Fading Nebraska on the road.

        Ohio State -34 over INDY--They can name the score.

        BYU/ND UNDER 54

        Iowa State -4 over KU--Best chance for another win here.

        Leans on---
        Northwestern +7 over MSU
        Minnesota +17 over Wiscy
        Wake Forest +7 over DUKE

        I feel like its going to be a wacky day in CFB toay where a few things get shaken up and a coupld bad teams pull outright upsets.


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          I agree.. It has the feel of a crazy day! Maybe I am just paranoid after hitting the deer yesterday on the way to work. lol


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            Darn, I had a Money Line play on the deer........

            I think Manzell will be unbothered, the problem for A&M could be their
            bad defense. I like the over as a best guess.


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              lol Kman...He won!

              I know I have belitted the LSU qb to know end but he is streaky like my golf play. When he is on it is great and when he is not it can be really ugly. I just think beckham will have a big game if the fool can get it to him. I love the over also and probably will add to my SEC picks.


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                Great calls by the kman I may have to go back and check but you had a 3-0 day per our discussions.....I am glad to win my two big games and I wish more people would get involved in this format. I went out on a limb and picked my favorite game in every conference last week. I sucked... This is a discussion with no wrongs.. We all have our good and bad days. Hopefully more people will get involved in the future!!


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                  I would like to discuss the fact that I suck at college football.


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                    Originally posted by dragon1952 View Post
                    I would like to discuss the fact that I suck at college football.
                    So what.... I suck at the NFL which I know you're pretty good at..Glad you still participate like I do at the NFL... I will give you guys my losers which will be your winners every week. lol