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    No wonder Kansas avoided this sister school for 22 years-Way to go SHOCERKS


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      I've got Louis +9.5 to finish a 7 pt parlay. Tempted to take N.Iowa -2.5 to middle it but I'm counting on Louisville to maybe jump out in front so that I can get N. Iowa + :^ )


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        the cards are going down tonight-they are banged up


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          I had Maryland +9 to finish out a fun large team low dollar high reward teaser.

          If you saw that last layup at the buzzer, that put it to 10. No need for wv to even shoot up 8 after a steal but the dude lays it in at the buzzer. Wow. Bad beat that wasn't for much but still hurts! Can't make that shit up!

          Need lville to finish this game v


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            Hey, I hear ya woodee...had Wiscy -9.5 and Ore rushes down the court and makes a senseless 3 pointer with a few secs left to make it 7. I don't understand.


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              I think the best live dog of the sweet 16 is Utah +6 over duke.

              Favs- wiscy and zags look good in a ml parlay.


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                I'm going to take that back. I still do like Utah but might tease that number up a bit. Still looking at it.

                The best dog I see is Notre dame actually at +2. Probably will buy it to 3 and be my largest wager of the sweet 16. More to come on that one.


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                  Anyone think ucla can beat zaga? I think the zags are clicking now and will win at least one more game if they are on. I really hate Alford and son so I might be swayed.


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                    Two I like in the next round are Zona against Xavier and The Sooners against st. I again new to the BB scene so take these with a grain of salt. (got great news from my surgery last week with no signs of the cancer) I am a winner either way.



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                      I like the following today,
                      Notre Dame +2 (will buy the 1/2 to 2) - I might just play the ML here at EVEN odds. ND finished 3rd in a pretty tough conference (54th toughest schedule), Wichy St 1st in a pretty bad one
                      (94th toughest schedule).
                      ND beat Louis by 12, Duke by 10 and NC by 8 down the stretch. 4 of ND's 5 losses came by a combined 16 pts. The only
                      game they were not in was a blowout @ Duke.
                      ND was 7-2 vs top 25 teams and 11-4 vs top 50. Wich St only played 5 top 50 teams and went 3-2 (2-2 vs top 25)
                      Sagarin ratings actually have ND very slightly ahead in every formula. I'm picking ND by 4.
                      North Carolina +6 - This team was a little inconsistent but they played the 2nd toughest schedule and hung pretty good in
                      most of the top 25 games (13). Wiscy hasn't really blown out many top teams....Okla by 13 was about the biggest, GT, Mich St x 2
                      were all close and then losses to Duke and Maryland. And then Ore was close again by 7. In the last 2 games they've given up 15 of 31
                      from 3 pt range for nearly 50%, and given up about 10ppg over their season avg. Unless they come up with a defensive gem I think
                      this one is pretty close. I'll guess Wiscy by 3 or 4 but an outright NC win is possible.
                      Arizona -11 - (buy the 1/2 pt) - Arizona has been on fire the last 3 games with a 28 pt win over Oregon in the conference championship
                      and then 21 and 15 pts wins in their 2 tournament games so far. They also hold a 115-65 rebounding advantage over those 3 games. Arizona
                      head coach Sean Miller was head coach at Xavier for 5 yrs and has familiarity with the staff and program there to add to Arizona's advantage.
                      Hopefully it won't come down to Arizona jumping up to a healthy 2nd H lead and then deciding not to embarrass Xavier giving them the backdoor
                      then I think I'm OK. I'll venture a guess and say Ari by 16.
                      Kentucky -13 - The defensive pressure WV exerts may result in less shots for the opposition but the shots they do give up result
                      in a very high scoring percentage. Plus, I think Kentucky finds a way around the pressure anyway. In addition, WV has given them extra
                      motivation now in bulletin board material predicting a win. All chances of Kentucky potentially letting up late in the game with a large lead
                      just went out the window. Kentucky by 18.


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                        Great write up Dragon- I agree with every game except the ND game.

                        I think Wichita Senior leadership will be the key here-combine that with suffocating Defense I see the Shockers winning this by 8.

                        That KY-WV game will be a foul festival-KY is great at getting to the line and shoot very well as a team from the charity stripe- Your dead on about the bulletin board material WV has provided KY. I really do not think WV will score 46 points tonight.

                        WI-NC This Wisky team is loaded and might get back their leading point guard for the game-NC has no way to stop Kaminsky down low-No Way. This is the best Wisconsin team I have ever seen in all my years.

                        AZ-On fire for sure.....


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                          I rolled with N Dame +3 ob the buy.

                          Like Wiscy SU and will parlay them Oklaholma +7 (Buying +5).

                          Okie +7

                          (-135 odds on parlay)

                          Rolling with Xavier +12 too for the night game. Zona should win but this could be a closer one than most expect.


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                            Also, I like UK to smash WV.


                            UK -13
                            Xavier +12
                            Wiscy pk/Okie +7
                            Notre Dame +3

                            GL guys


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                              Acually got UK -12, bought down from -12.5. 13 and 12.5's now I see.


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                                Just got Wichy St +7 in game to hedge my various ND bets...this should work out :^ )