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  • so what happens in the 2nd H guys? Kent needs to rebound better and defend the 3


    • Great call Carpet! I had several chances to hedge my Kentucky parlay but never got more than +3.5 so I passed. I've already laid $200 on Duke at fuck those Badgers...ha ha.


      • Screw it...I just put another unit on Duke....I just think they are going to do it....and what the's just play money at this point anyway. It's not going to make or break me regardless of the outcome.


        • Originally posted by woodee12 View Post
          After going over everything I'm going to make a decent sized play on michigan state +6 buying a half.

          Everyone is all over duke and this is the type of game I love going opposite the public on.

          I think duke may squeak it out but only by a couple.

          Probably my last play of the tourney after a good run.

          3 units on michigan state +6. ( usually only play 1 unit so 3 is big for me.)
          Ha ha...and woodie...if you think that was your last bet you're delusional :^ )


          • Last bet of the tourney....not ever!

            Ha, now I will probably play a little something on the game Monday. Kind of with you on duke too.


            • K-Man Pool update-

              355 players @ 15 a pop. Pays top 20 spots. Final Game scenario.

              WISKY beats DUKE-Carpet $500 win 3rd place.

              If Not-

              Duke beats WISKY

              My wife would land 6th for $300 and I would land 10th for 200 $


              • Would it really surprise you if the Badgers won this game vs Duke?

                I really think Wisky and Frank the Tank is on a mission. I watch a ton of basketball at all levels and this Badger team wants it more-Just a
                strong intangible feel.

                I think Wisky is the real deal Vegas opens even.