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    Let's kick the tires on the bracket and share some thoughts

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    Michigan State does not get a # 1 seed ? I see this clearly a team worthy of a # 1 seed.

    Michigan State's exclusion was unexpected because the Spartans had eight RPI top 50 victories and reeled off 13 wins in their final 14
    games to finish the season. Virginia had a more impressive collection of victories than Michigan State, but the Cavaliers lost to four teams
    not expected to make the NCAA tournament and failed to win either the ACC's regular season or tournament title. Need I remind you that
    State beat Kansas this year.

    How in the world does Syracuse get a #10 seed???

    Holy Cross at 14-19 finds a play in game-GO CROSS...


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      Ratings and money as always. Getting rediculous.

      Cuse shouldn't even be close to getting into the tourney.

      San Diego state dominates the mountain west all year and gets left out.

      Valpo and Oakland have great seasons and get left out.

      How can you leave out regular season conf champs and put cuse in?

      Vandy gets in....sec is a terrible hoops conference besides UK. South Carolina gets left out over vandy if you want another sec team in?
      I've never been this irritated at the selections but I watched a lot of hoops this year. Politics and money as usual rule the world.


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        And totally agree in mich state too. But that will make them hungrier as a dog! Watch out for izzo and company!


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          Played Michigan state at +825 to win it all. Best value on the board. At 5 dimes

          What is your STRONGEST play on Thursday and on Friday? Looking and capping now. Back tmmrw with my 2.


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            WOODEE- Ask and you shall receive. My 3 strongest for Thursday.

            BAYLOR -7.5 over Yale- This is a line I cannot pass up. Yale better pray the 3 ball is falling it is their only hope against this big and fast
            Baylor team.

            WV -7.5 over Stephen Austin- This should be an easy cover for WV. Have you looked at who SFA has played this year?

            MIAMI -13.5 vs Suny Buffalo. Canes are playing some great basketball right now and are a match up nightmare. SUNY has played some
            pretty good teams this year schedule wise. But when you look at when the play a power 5 conference team they get blown out by 21
            points each time

            So many games feel like a kid in a candy store but I must remain disciplined and only strike the iron on the games I feel the strongest on.

            As a side bar-

            My Final Four are KANSAS-T&AM-WV-MICH STATE


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              LOVE that Miami-FL play....Probably my fav of the favs on Thursday.

              I think Yale will be a live dog vs. Baylor myself. Baylor can play down to competition.

              Live dog in the upper seeds is Hampton +24 over Virginia.

              My final 4 is Nova, Oregon, Mich State, UNC


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                Also love Indy -12 to roll Chatanooga!

                So my top thursday plays are:

                Miami-FL -13
                Indy -12
                Hampton +24
                Yale + 6 over Baylor.


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                  Cannot resist.

                  Tulsa +3 over Michigan. Lots of reverse line movement here. Type of play I love!!


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                    I think I've analyzed myself into a corner....
                    Going to play light in day 1 I think. Easy to get caught up in the excitement.

                    I think we've done a good job here over the past few months so we should trust what we've learned!

                    Wish we could jump on Oakland! Did they get left out completely???


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                      Originally posted by woodee12 View Post

                      Wish we could jump on Oakland! Did they get left out completely???
                      OAKLAND will play in the inaugural vegas 16 mens toruney. The play Towson March 28 at 9pm ET


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                        2-2 Thursday.


                        Top 3 unit play.
                        Temple +7 over Iowa. --physical close game. Second 3 unit play of the year.

                        Oregon state +4 over vcu. Pac 12 is for real I think.

                        Dayton ml -125 over cuse. Cuse should be in NIT.

                        Maybe a couple more.


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                          Hit the 3 unit but struck out on the others.

                          Only one today and another huge play.

                          Arky little rock + 7 over Iowa stAte. Love my clones but this will be close. Upset not out of the question. 7 is a gift. I bought it to 7 but drifting down. Will be 5.5 or less my tip I think.
                          3 unit play!!!!
                          Little rock is 30-4 and cyclones have history of choking in big games. Plus still have short bench and the bench looks very nervous against Iona.
                          This might be my largest play if the year.


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                            Really wrong on little Rock!


                            Wiscy +5 over Xavier.
                            Okie ml over vcu with nova ml over Iowa. ---ml parlay
                            Notre dame pk over Austin
                            St joes +7 over Oregon
                            Northern Iowa +7 over am
                            Oregon -6 over st joes



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                              I am playing Austin pk over Notre Dame. Typed that I. Wrong...

                              Think they win and are the Cinderella of the tourney after today.