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College Bowl Game Contest - 2016 - Official Rules

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  • College Bowl Game Contest - 2016 - Official Rules

    College Bowl Contest 2016 - Official Rules

    1. We will be picking a total of 42 college bowl games, sides only, which will be broken up into
    blocks of several games each, and then posted here in separate threads as the date for each block of games nears.
    2. Pick all games listed in each block!
    3. Correct picks will be awarded 1 pt, and pushes will be awarded 1/2 pt for each regular bowl game.
    4. The Peach Bowl and Fiesta Bowl games (championship semi-finals) will be awarded 2 pts for a win, and 1 pt for a push.
    5. The Championship Game will be awarded 3 pts for a win and 1.5 pts for a push
    6. The tie-breaker will be the total pts scored by both teams in the Championship Game, with the 2nd tie-breaker being total net
    yards scored by both teams.
    7. All lines will be taken from the at the time of the posting of each block of games.

    8. Please select all games in each block at the same time. Any game that is selected after it's scheduled start time
    will be counted as a loss. The "scheduled start time" will be the time listed in the pick thread regardless of when the game might
    actually begin!
    If you miss posting by the start of the first game in the current block of games you can still post your picks for the remaining games. I think this is
    only fair due to the number of games in each block and the number of different start dates, and all the other crap going on this time of year....(and since I'm
    keeping score and don't mind the potential extra work)

    1st place wins $175
    2nd place wins $75

    Jeff is putting up his own money for this contest so it is totally free to play! You don't have to state whether you are in or not, just post your picks.

    A big THANK YOU to Jeff for sponsoring this cool contest!!!

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    Thanks Jeff. That is awesome!


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      Thanks a lot, Jeff. Very generous of you.


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        Thanks a bunch Jeff,
        May you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year buddy


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          Thanks Jeff, for this free contest.
          good luck


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            Thank You Jeff for giving us this contest!!