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    Let the Games Begin- Post your winners here.....

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    Overall profitable February it looks like for all of us.

    Letís win some March money!!

    Great one to start off withó

    Michigan -9 over Iowa. Like Michigan to blow the doors off Iowa this afternoon. Iowa may push pace once again but doubt they will get into the 90ís against Michigan. Michigan by 14.


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      Northwestern +6 over Penn State. All the pressure is on psu here. Close game nw can win.


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        Maryland -2.5 vs Wisconsin (Lets see if we finally see where the better teams start to win and cover since we're in Tournament mode)


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          NC State-2 over Gtech- NC State should put Gtech away early


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            Going with NC State this evening as well. Two more:

            Weber St +9 vs Montana
            Washington -3 vs Oregon St


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              It is a good thing that this Tourney is happening a week early for any Big 10 team.

              No one team is safe in this league tourney- These teams know each other inside and out the parity is an all out war each game.

              The Lines on the Big 10 tourney games have been and remain inflated- Seems Vegas is as confused as we are. Dogs are Barking.

              Early line on Michigan State vs Wisky is 9.5 (Seems a tad bit high to me)


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                0-2 start to match! Iowa looked good and northwestern blew the cover.

                Rutgers looked great last night while Indy looked dis interested. Probably mad they didnít get the Miller bro who dishes out money!

                Almost played wiscy but backed off as itís hard to go against MSU. Close one so far.

                I donít know if I can back Penn State or not but will watch line.

                Nebraska/mich will be a good one and think you have to take the points.

                Rutgers? They either pull another upset or get blown out by 20.

                No plays yet but still looking. I donít get much work done during March Madness!


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                  This East Coast storm is packing quite the wind gusts. We lost power for almost four hours today. Just got it back a short while ago. Trees down in the neighborhood with wind gusts over 60mph. Be safe for you folks dealing with this storm.

                  Green Bay -2 vs Detroit Mercy
                  Penn State +4 vs Ohio State (PSU going for the trifecta of beating OSU all three times this season)
                  Southern Illinois +2.5 vs Missouri St (SIU trying for the sweep also, as underdogs, why not, dogs are barking)
                  Rider -5 vs St Peter's (Rider should dominate, they need to avoid the conference tourney gitters)
                  Rhode Island +1.5 vs Davidson (Don't see any injuries so not sure why RI are underdogs)


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                    One for me tonight.

                    Indy state +1 over Illinois State.


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                      STAY SAFE PDIDDY-

                      I see Michigan State won but did not cover - They play down to the level of competition they will be lucky to win this Big 10 tourney and will not blowout any team.

                      One game tonight starts at 8:30 ct- I am in all in.

                      CANISIUS GOLDEN GRIFFINS -9 over Quinnipac Badgers. The Griffs are a solid 20-8-1 ATS. I have said this in recent past that Canisius will make the dance this year. My numbers show The Griffs by 12.


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                        We're at 15 hours without power. Definitely not as windy as it was yesterday. Hanging in there, no other issues so it's like we're camping.
                        Some underdog action. Tired of missing out on their winnings:

                        Kentucky +6 vs Florida
                        Alabama +6 vs Texas A&M
                        Stanford +8.5 vs Arizona St

                        Will probably go with both big 10 underdogs today. Lines are still moving so waiting it out. Michigan up to +4/4.5 and Penn State climbing towards +7. Purdue has only covered 1 time in last 10 games.


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                          Got mi-fi/iPad charged to track some action tonight. Got Michigan before their tipoff at 4.5. Got PSU all the up to 8.5. Not sure why the keep betting on favorites in this conference tournament.

                          Niagara +1.5 vs Fairfield
                          UNC +7.5 vs Duke (This rivalry is too close for such a large spread)
                          St Bonaventure -2 vs St Louis
                          New Mexico -2.5 vs Fresno St (Hard to go against team averaging 106 points in last 3 games)
                          SD St -15 vs Western Illinois (Jackrabbits need to roll thru conf tourney. Beat WIU by 20/28 this year)


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                            Praying for you guys out east PDiddy.

                            Just knew Michigan State would not win the BIG 10 tourney (They are focused on the Big Dance) - Michigan is hot- rinse repeat from last year

                            The Dogs are barking for sure.


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                              Cincinnati +3.5 vs Wichita St (Hope the Madness Committee don't screw these teams with their matchups in the brackets)
                              Michigan +3.5 vs Purdue (Carpet said it all above)
                              Illinois-Chicago PK Wisconsin Milwaukee (ICU going for season sweep over Wisconsin-Mil)