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    I will bet on almost anything but womens baskets I have to pass. Good luck on your wager


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      Bunch of butter fingered bitches, more turnovers than a Danish bakery. Small wonder that they have never won anything in their history


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        I'm going to be on Michigan +7 or more pretty strong tonight.

        This lines up with one of my favorite angles in betting-Big game contrarian play.

        Betting lines are somewhat set by public perception. This one get me excited as everyone saw Nova come out smoking last game and continue to dominate all game.

        Kansas is is young for sure but Nova looked great. Everyone remembers it since it just happened! I think we are getting tremendous line value
        e in a game where the spread might be 5 if it was a closer game with Kansas. Also, everyone remembers Michigan getting beat for 3/4 of the game against Loyola too.

        Only 37% of bets are on Michigan as of now.

        I over heard a few people saying Michigan has no shot tonight which was music to me betting ears.

        I'm not saying Michigan is a better team and that Nova cannot blow the doors off them, but from a betting perspective in the biggest game in college hoops, the points look very juicy to me.

        MICHIGAN +7 (or I will buy to 8 if it gets to 7.5 by tip--going to wait and see.) NOVA 74-MICHIGAN 70.



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          I am really pulling for a straight up Nova win tonight.

          Just cannot pull the strings on Michigan tonight


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            I'm rooting for a Nova win myself for one of my pools for the win.

            I see Corn Picker is #1 in that one pool too having both of the Final 2.

            Let's just hope for Nova by 7 or less and we all win!


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              I;m going to throw a unit on the OVER 67 in the first half as I see Nova pushing tempo early like they did last game.


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                I am partnered with a friend to win a bracket contest if Nova wins. So instead of playing a saver on Mich ML I opted to play Wagner as MOP of final 4 at +575. With that ridiculous monster game he had in semis he has got to have a big game for them tonight for them to win so the play is the Wagner at +550..


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                  Corn Picker took first place in the Bracket contest out of 443 players.

                  He won $1080 for 1st and another $120 for most correct picks