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2018 College football contest rules

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  • 2018 College football contest rules


    Pick one College Football team, per week, against the spread OR one College Football game over or under the total. The winner is the contestant who has the most points at the end of the contest.

    The contest is held in the "Bookies Hell Sports Betting Forum" and is run and scored by RED RAIDER84

    The available picks will be posted in a new thread each week. The first week's thread for posting picks will be headlined "2018 COLLEGE GAME OF THE WEEK-Week #0-Post Picks Here".

    If a game has no line(s), but does open after the picks thread is up, every effort will be made to include
    those games prior to the deadline.
    Results will be posted the following week in a separate thread. Picks posted in the results thread will not
    be counted.

    Thursday and Friday games will be included. Please see the rules for the deadlines if a game is selected
    on one of those days.

    Here are the OFFICIAL RULES:

    1. Players in the contest will post one pick per week using the line listed in the weekly contest thread.
    Players can pick either a Side or Total. If more than one pick is posted the first pick will be used. Editing of picks will not be allowed. Once your pick is posted it is official.

    2. Picks MUST be posted by 11:00 a.m. (EST) on game day Saturday. This includes any Sunday or
    Monday pick. NO EXCEPTIONS.
    If you have problems accessing the site, e-mail picks to before
    the posting deadline. For Thursday or Friday games, the picks MUST be posted 1 hour
    before the game's scheduled start.

    3. The contest will run from August 30 thru December 8. Any tie breaker(s) will be decided
    at a later date.

    4. Wins (1 point), Ties (1/2 point) will be scored and posted on a results thread after each
    weekend. Once each week's results are posted, players can request a review if they feel
    there are any scoring errors.

    5. Not posting a pick will be counted as a lost.

    6. Any player who does not post a pick for any combination of Three (3) weeks will be out of
    the contest and their picks will no longer be posted.

    7. Players will not be allowed in after week #2. To match the NFL game of the week time frame: *The 1st week of this (College) contest will be Posted as WEEK # 0*.

    8. If a player joins/or posts for the first time in week #1, week #0 will be counted as a loss. Any player who joins/or posts in week #2, weeks #0 and #1 will be counted as losses.

    9. In the final Three (3) weeks of the contest, all of the contenders (who will be highlighted) can
    submit their picks via private email. Picks will be posted once all of the contending player's picks are
    received. Contenders are welcome to post on the weekly thread those last Three (3) weeks, but
    this option is added to stop any unfair play or gamesmanship.

    10. Bettorsworld is providing the prize money and there is no charge to enter. However, all entrants
    are subject to and must abide by the rules listed above.


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    These are the rules we have been using for awhile. I am open to suggestions for the tie breakers. I know most haven't been happy with the Army-Navy game. Please leave suggestions here on this thread.


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      I think tie breaker should be last 5 picks of the contest, #1 and if there is still a tie, give the players who are tied the option to split the money of those 2 places. So if there is a tie between 2nd and 3rd, they can elect to take that prize money and just split it instead of trying to settle it on one game.


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        Thanks for the input Woodee!

        I kind of like this:

        Anyone that has a chance for first or second place picks their weekly pick on week 14. They also make a pick in every conference championship that week. (Pac 12, SEC, etc.....)
        If there are still any ties, they have the option just to split the money or we move onto Army/Navy the following week for another tie breaker.

        Anyone else with an idea, please let us know so that we can sort this out asap.


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          In our case week 14 would be 13 because of the week 0 start,.


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            What about picking all three college playoff games?


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              Originally posted by bret3518 View Post
              What about picking all three college playoff games?

              I like that also...

              You guys just decide...I'm good with any of the above!


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                I agree with Bret. Pick all games championship day if needed, and maybe even totals. Picks emailed


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                  Leave Army/Navy out of the picture


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                    If you use the CFB Championship game as tie-breaker this will not finish until Jan 2019. Tie breaker should be something related to the college "regular season" in my humble option. Plus, I believe we use the CFB Championship as the tie-breaker of the College Bowl Game Pickem Extravaganza in December-January.


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                      I think one way or another the contest should be done by Dec 1 or Dec 8.

                      Choosing the playoffs as the tie-breaker(s) puts a month delay to the end of the contest
                      and crosses the line into the bowl season. Maybe have the season conclude on November 24
                      and use the championship games to break any ties?


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                        Can I add, regardless of it's status for this contest: Go NAVY beat army!


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                          red raider, if interested, send an email to me @ and I'll send
                          you a copy of the spread sheet(s) I used for the contest over the past few years.


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                            I believe Bret and I are referring to the conference championship games, not the playoffs. There are about 4-5 of them


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                              Originally posted by Bama25 View Post
                              I believe Bret and I are referring to the conference championship games, not the playoffs. There are about 4-5 of them
                              No I’m referring to the college playoff games. who cares about the delay. The payout don’t come until February anyways. I just figured it would be good to use the biggest college games as tie breakers. But I’d be open to using the power 5 conference championship games as the tie breaker.