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  • College football rules update


    Please look at the rules thread to see the new tie breaker rule implemented this year. I think it will be fun for us all. Hopefully we will have several people that this rule will apply to.
    Also, Please remember that we absolutely have to have our pick in by the times set in the rules. I personally have been burned by it myself and I get
    that things happen. To be fair to the others, we cannot make exceptions. I hate to give someone a loss for a great pick, but it is what it is. Please don't quit because you
    missed week one. If memory serves me correctly, Widestrides missed a couple of weeks but joined and won the damn thing. We want as many as possible in this contest.

    This brings me to the upset contest. I have been flexible with this rule over the years because it is just for fun. However, if you win...You will have an asterisk by your name.
    lol. Thank you all for participating and I would love it if we could get together earlier on the bowl contest and put up some cash of our own like the Hilton contest.
    Just something for us all to think about.

    Good luck and please....... if I short change you in anyway with the results, or miss someone that posted late, let me know.
    I want everything to be accurate.