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Take aways from week 0

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  • Take aways from week 0

    1ST......West Virginia is pretty good or Tennessee sux......I think WV is pretty good.
    2ND........We still have guys that have been around forever and clearly know if you post after 11 Eastern it is a loss no matter what......
    yet they use the excuse of my dog ate my homework and think somehow we should adhere to their bullshit or they might quit...
    well.......Goodbye....see ya....good riddens...............and we don't give a shit or that could just be me........
    3rd......Fade me...if you want winners....I am doing this for fun only...I basically am keeping score this year...
    I haven't researched anyone and I am just Having fun.....

    Last.....I took this on because I wanted to keep the college contest going...... Let's have fun and enjoy.....


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    You are doing a great job Red Raider running the contest Thank You in advance for everything you do.



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      Thanks for the work on it buddy.
      Iím going to run a tight ship on my contest as well. Lines are posted days in advance and there is no excuse to miss the deadline.

      I am not sure on West Virginia. Offense will be good but everyine in the big 12 has terrible D and donít think they can compete with the big dogs because of that. We will see I guess. I am sure tenny fans are getting restless though!


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        Great job Red!! Im with u all the way. Especially on takeaway number 2!


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          Great Job


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            Michigan and Miami were overated


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              Woodee, Thanks for running the contest, even though I don't have the time to play it this year. I agree, you have to adhere to the deadline. If guys cannot post by the deadline, too bad. It is not fair to those who post by the deadline to let others slide.

              A few years ago, me and the K-Man ran the college contest. Almost every week someone would post just minutes after the deadline. I felt bad for them, but if you let them slide by a few minutes, then why have rules and a posting deadline?

              Thanks again Woodee!


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                Red raider is running this college contest plus the upset contest so he deserves the thanks.

                Iím just doing the mock Hilton.


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                  OK, my bad.

                  Thank you both!