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The Black Cat 128k Picks Returns for 2018

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  • The Black Cat 128k Picks Returns for 2018

    Over in the handicapper corner, the Black Cat returns for yet another exciting season of wins, frustrating losses, and colorful commentary. I don't make my hay on week 1 typically but my opening salvos are there. Had I remembered how much Mitch Trubisky sucks, I might have even picked the Packers! I only know this because I just saw on my twitter feed: "Trubisky may be the worst Qb ever to play in the NFL." so I assume that means Aaron Rodgers is...better?

    I've been brewing some new formulas in my lab too - they aren't ready for primetime yet but maybe later this season? We shall see! It promises to be the most revolutionary and detailed addition to my arsenal of computer analyses in many years and should open up a new treasure trove on insightful analysis.

    Good luck on the gridiron tomorrow!


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    A few of my external thoughts on week 1 - some analysis of recent results showed a very weak home field advantage in recent years. Favorites also have been wildly disappointing. Contrast this with the fact that a lot of the favorites seem very appealing, I searched hard for some dogs and roadteams that I felt gave me the best shot and tried to avoid bandwagon picks. So that's largely where I came up with this week's picks.