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Philly Vs. New Orleans --Who do you like and why...

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  • Philly Vs. New Orleans --Who do you like and why...

    Does anyone have any solid insight or plays on this game? I have a good stance on the other 3 games but this one is baffling me and can see it going either way ATS.

    Line is currently Saints -8/51-51.5.

    Eagles are a hard team to figure out. Are they hot or are they just skating by? I can easily see a Saints blow out and thats where I am leaning as I don;t think Philly is all that great.

    What is your case if you like the Eagles?

    OVER seems like the play as 72% of the bets are going that way. I am looking to try to make a case for the under as I don;t like being on the side of the majority in playoff/single games.

    Also note, EVERYONE, pros/joes are all over INDY +5/5.5 and i agree but its always a bad sign when you see all these "pros" on one side. Its just not that easy and almost scaring me over to KC!

    Thoughts from you sharp NFL guys around here?

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    I like Indy quite a bit myself. They are playing really well on both sides of the ball and have been for the last 10 games after a rough start. The Chiefs are kind of the opposite starting out so well then finishing just 3-3 over their last 6 games. Indy has the much better defense and can hang on offense. I wouldn't be the least surprised to see them win outright.

    I want to like Philly +8 the way they've been playing lately but we saw what the Saints did to them earlier in a total domination. Plus, this will be Philly's 5th road game in the last 6 weeks. I think the rested Saints will be up for this game and cover.

    I won't venture a guess on the totals.


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      I like the Saints because I apply the 'well, of COURSE...' principle, like I do with the majority of my sides.
      That is, will you look back on a result and say to yourself "well, of COURSE....".
      E.g. "the Seahawks will rise up in a statement MNF game at home", "the Raiders had their wills to live shattered by trading away their best player(s)", "the Browns love life right now and will be in every game" etc.
      If I lose a game like this ("well of COURSE the Bills won't go into Minnesota and stay even close to the Vikings"), then I don't feel as crappy.
      With my money on the Saints -8 and teased down to -2, I don't feel strongly about any 'well, of COURSE...' result for the Iggles. Those are "Foles rides his magical wave to out-duel Brees" or "the Eagles hit a dumb back-door after Saints shut it down with a 14pt lead with 1:30 to go"
      I do feel strongly about the 'well of COURSE' a rested and prepared Brees goes off against a secondary that is two injuries away from calling Woodee and Dragon into their practice squad.
      Or 'well of COURSE' the Saints ride a berserk Superdome crowd to a 3 score lead since the Eagles experienced only two raucous away crowds this year (generously including Dallas) and both ended poorly for them.
      This is my long-winded and possibly unhinged way of saying I like the Saints.


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        Im going to money line parlay the saints with the chiefs for a fairly large wager.

        I hate that every tout is all over the colts and the points. I think the chiefs end up winning it somehow.

        Also on:
        Rams pk/over 41.5 in that game on a 7 point teaser.

        Good luck guys.


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          Agree about the Colts. Seeing a 4.5pt line at Stations and I'm getting nervous about all the love for them

          Solid Rams teaser there, Woodee


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            The other 2 games, I'm leaning on the dogs with Dallas +7 and the Chargers +4 in case anyone gives a shit :^ )


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              Well I certainly never chime in on the NFL because of my past history..However, I have spent way more time this year
              on the NFL than I ever have. Part of that was working Saturdays and not having the time for college which made
              me focus more on the NFL.

              That being said...I loved all the road teams last week with the exception of Philadelphia..This week I like all of the
              home teams with the exception of New England. My opinion is to take LA tonight, Chargers tomorrow and New Orleans
              tomorrow night... JMO and take all that with a grain of salt. You're better than me at this and have the history to
              back that up.. I really like these picks though...However, it's time for me to make some bad calls on the NFL. LOL

              Good luck Dragon!


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                Well.....good thing the contest was over :^ /