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    Stats don't lie....I do this for a living (not football but work) .....There are those of us who just have a knack for picking football games.
    I know that I am one of those folks.....Like I said stats don't lie...For the first time in years I was sidelined because of
    work and never got to look at college football the way I have in the past. I had to work multiple Saturdays throughout
    the year...That being said, it gave me the opportunity to concentrate on the NFL....I realized quick that I was out of
    the college contest and totally put all of my energy in the NFL...I can pick either or and hold my own but
    I rarely do well in the NFL...This year and it was only about the tenth week or so that I realized that I had a shot.

    I had one shot to win the regular NFL contest just one year out of the many I attempted..I folded like a cheap suit
    When Dragon said he hoped that I would have a 1-4 week, I knew that I may but I really for the first time thought
    I never would and that I was going to win...The only reason I lost the Mock Hilton this year was because I didn't trust
    myself....I deep down inside thought I would fold.....I broke protocol twice...

    I had a plan going into the season...I stuck to it except for two occasions..The first time was when Tennessee played
    Dallas at Dallas...At the last minute before posting my picks I changed Tennessee to Dallas. That's one loss..Going into
    the next to the last week I broke my plan again but this time totally..I wiped out all the picks that I had myself
    and for the first time looked at the Real Mock Hilton picks....I promise to GOD that I have never once been on that
    site ever..I actually didn't know where to go look at those picks. Well I found it (which was a bad mistake) and I knew that I was in the drivers
    seat and just needed to win a couple of games...So I pick the number three capper in the next to the last week. I
    kid you not...I didn't trust myself and totally picked this guys games.....He was the only one in the top 100 that
    lost every game....I shit you not.....If I choose any other in the top 100 I probably win or at least come in second for sure. If I
    take my own picks that week I go 2-3 and with the other game...It's over with....I win it all...

    Going into the last week...I was now behind one game..I went back to me picking them and I won three but Cford
    won them all and most certainly deserved to win it...I didn't believe in myself and I lost. It probably hurt me more
    than any contest I've been in before on this site.. First, I don't hardly try at the NFL and have basically sucked
    at it...To be so close and know that you are pretty good at picking football games only to not believe in yourself
    sucks...That actually carried over to the first round of the playoffs...I loved every road team except the Eagles...Turns
    out they all win...(road teams).

    This week I loved the home teams other than the Pats...Today both home teams won and I absolutely believe
    the Chargers and Saints will win...I chimed in for the first time tonight on Dragon's post saying LA, the Chargers,
    and Saints will win..You can love or hate me but I'm right and I never stick my neck out on a limb on the NFL
    but I am this time...Maybe I'm wrong but there are certain people you never bet against on this site and I'm
    one of them....The only reason I lost the Mock Hilton contest was me...I'm right..Take the Chargers and Saints tomorrow.