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  • Bookmaker Loyalty Rewards Program

    BookMaker Online Sports Betting Rewards and Loyalty Program

    BookMaker is proud to have you as a customer and rewards your loyalty! This is our way of saying "thank you" and rewarding your important loyalty. BETpoints is our new sports betting loyalty program that rewards our members for playing with BookMaker Sportsbook! BETpoints accumulated for the day are awarded every night at midnight. Each time you make a bet you will earn BETpoints. For example, if you make a bet for $110 to win $100, you will receive 100 BETpoints automatically. Conversely, if you wager $100 to win $200, you will receive 100 BETpoints. "Always the lesser amount."

    BETpoints will accumulate in your sports betting account until you decide to redeem them for any of our great prizes, including free plays, sports pagers, T-Shirts, Hats, and much more! To see if you qualify for our BETpoints Loyalty Program membership, call our customer service department toll free at 1-866-9-BOOKMAKER (1-866-926-6562)

    2500FREE Payout*
    4000$50 freeplay & Mouse Pad
    8000$100 freeplay & Sports Pager
    9000$125 freeplay & T-Shirt
    10000$150 freeplay & Hat
    12000$175 freeplay & Golf Shirt
    15000$200 freeplay
    30000$400 freeplay
    40000$500 freeplay
    50000$600 freeplay
    60000$700 freeplay
    70000$800 freeplay
    80000$900 freeplay
    90000$1000 freeplay

    The above chart refers to customer accounts denominated in US dollars. Players with betting accounts in currencies other than US dollars will have different values for both Points and Free Play amounts according the given conversion rate.

    * You may be eligible to exchange 2500 Loyalty points for a Free Payout. Contact our Customer Service Department to see if you qualify.

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