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  • Reliable off-shore book

    My local bookie wraps it up after the NBA. I'am looking to bet baseball off-shore this summer with a reliable sportsbook, one in which I WILL GET MY MONEY when I win. Any suggestions will help.

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    Any of the books listed below, which are vouched for by Bettorsworld, will pay.

    So will any books licensed in Australia or the UK.

    Many books offer a sign up bonus too (10 or 15% usually)

    Make sure your getting a dime line.

    There are many reputable books. I personally recommend Canbet and Darwin All Sports.



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      Caribi Sportsbook ( has an impecable reputation for payouts and offers a true dime-line in baseball. You can sign up online or call customer service at 1-800-906-9776. Good luck to all.



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        Pinnacle Sports is offering 10cent lines on Baseball. We have a very strong reputation in the industry. We accept large numbers on Baseball and our staff are well trained and polite.Open 24 hrs a day 7 days we provide you with the service you need.
        Call us toll free at 1-800-484-3333 and one of our friendly customer service representatives will be happy to help you with any of your needs.
        Good Luck


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          Try Victor Chandler at 1-877-9VICTOR.

          They've been around for over 50 years and I've never had a problem getting paid from them (they process payment every day).

          I just deposited $300 and they gave me a cool sports pager with gives me updated scores every 5 minutes.


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            jonruns, what books do you play with? If you played with any good books and were a pro, you would never think of recommending Victor Chandler over numerous other books.

            What are your reasons for recommending this book? Let's see if you can back up your recommendation with some evidence.

            I just signed on with Victor Chandler, and plan on writing a review tomorrow. Let me just say that it will be anything but flattering. It has become clear to me that Brits should stick to tea, crumpets, cricket, corn flakes and cigars, and avoid booking American sports.


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              Sure, they offer a pager. Big deal. If I needed a pager, I could have a dozen from the various sportsbooks offering this gimmick. They pay. So do many other sportsbooks. When it comes to NUMBERS and LIMITS, they suck. I no longer need to consult history books to find out why the British empire crumbled. Their sportsbooks tell me all I need to know.


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                Reno, I am laughing my ass off from your last comment about "the empire."

                Jonruns, the post above is your first ever. Are you affiliated with VC?

                Woodstock, you are definitely affiliated with Caribi as evidenced by your past posts. Please state that when you reply to a question.

                But, I think what the man wanted anyway was comments from players and he hasn't gotten many.


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                  Bigshooter, see the replies under the similar topic "small player book". I think they are applicable to your question here.


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                    Reno et al --

                    First of all, let me clarify that I am far from being a pro...I'm just a guy that likes to make a small wager on a game ($50 or so) once or twice a week.

                    While I may be playing with small money by your standards, my concern is the same as that of Bigshooter -- which is getting paid.

                    I've bet with some of the Carribean off-shore books in the past and have had the usual problems with getting my money in a timely basis or at all. I just closed my account with NASA Intl for that very reason.

                    I simply recommended Victor Chandler because it has been my experience that they pay out. Do they have the best lines and the highest limits, I don't know and I don't care. Bigshooter asked for "a reliable sportsbook, one in which I will get my money when I win"

                    I'm sorry Reno if my lack of professional status as a bettor offends you, I didn't realize that only pros could post here. Isn't part of the democracy of a posting forum to hear from everyone?

                    While I am no anglophile, I can tell you that I do appreciate the honesty and integrity of the British in bookmaking vs. what has been my experience with the pirates of the carribean.


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                      Don't you think that it's a little unfair to group all of the books in the Caribbean as bad apples? I'm not sure which books you've been with but I have never had a problem getting a timely payout by any caribean book I've been with (and I've been with a lot). Try a book like SOS, Olympic, WSEX or WWTS before you start staying stuff like "Pirates of the Caribbean".

                      My experiences with British based books has for the most part been bad. I honestly don't think they understand the concept of booking American sports. They are so spoiled with the high vig and ties lose crap that they're used to that they become petrified when the playing field is a little more level.

                      As far as Victor Chandler, I've never tried them and I don't think I ever will.


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                        Jonruns- "I've bet with some of the Carribean off-shore books in the past and have had the usual problems with getting my money in a timely basis or at all. I just closed my account with NASA Intl for that very reason."

                        What reason was that ? That you did not get paid or was slow payed from Nasa Intl ?


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                          Didnt Victor Chandler used to be on the don best feed? Their limits are way too low.Even last year they were higher.By the time you get through to them,place your wager,have them go get approval only to have them halve your intended bet,you realize that they need upgrading of their BM's.If Victor Chandler reads this forum and from past readings I know they do,please increase your limits as your clerks are very competant to take bigger plays.


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                            How can you make any comments about a book where you have never had a bet?
                            What do you know about our limits?
                            Our limits have been posted on this forum many times and they are higher than a lot of the books out there.
                            We take up to $30k on NFL, 20K on college football, 10k on NBA, 3K on college hoops and up to 3K on baseball. We also still deal a dime line on the bases.
                            I suggest that you should have dealings with a place before you do any sort of review on them.

                            [This message has been edited by chris (edited 06-01-2000).]


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                              Chris, if you're going to bash Reno for writing a review, don't come in this forum and tell a pack of lies.

                              During basketball season when I played at your book, you would not EVER take one wager over 2 dimes.

                              When I tried to send you money for baseball season, I was told you had really small limits on baseball, 500 and 1000 I believe, and that baseball was not your thing.

                              Stop the BS, you can't have it both ways.