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  • Play and win at by Saturday is running free blackjack contests awarding 56 prizes totalling $700 each week. This is old news, but there is another perk, compliments of

    On top of the $70 dollars in daily prizes and $210 in weekly prizes that we offer, has increased the value for all of you. They have sponsored 4 entries into the Carib Sports Handicappers Challenge which currently has a pool of $69,500 and is sure to grow before sunday. 4 entries will be given based on a drawing of players who have taken their winnings over to So you have to play and win by midnight on saturday, and move your winnings to Carib. The drawing will be held early sunday morning so that the 4 lucky winners can be informed and have a chance to play.

    Thats all the important stuff we have to say. Thank you readers for your time, and thank you for allowing us to post this here.


    We have included some information that is all fluff about us and you have nothing to gain by reading any of it. Its just a statement for the record.

    BAIT AND SWITCH: If you think this is a bait and switch, after saturday night you will be 100% correct. Carib's contest closes sunday at noon, after that, this post will get you nothing more than the great everyday excitement and free value that offers.

    WHAT ARE WE SELLING: If you think we have something to sell, this is not the case. We are not a gaming operation and cannot offer you any real action, other than the free contests and the real money that you can win.

    SHILLING?: If you think this post is a shill for then you are 100% correct. We will post under the name 'lifesabet' so there is no confusion. If any of our future employees becomes a shill, we will be the first to jump in and stop it.

    PUBLIC POSTING FROM NOW ON? Dont count on it. An active operation does not have time to monitor the boards. We will acknowledge the reading of some rants, and on occasion may even respond, however it is our intentions not to air our dirty laundry in public, and will do our very best to resolve problems in the privacy of our own site.

    IS EVERYONE A WINNER? Absolutely not, as more and more people play, the chances of winning will decrease. We have had many winners; most of the regular players have won on multiple occasions. There have been over 230 prizes totalling over 6k, and we plan to adjust the format to benefit as many players as possible when the site grows. We have had to strip a few prizes from players who did not play by the rules, and they may have felt that we were not being fair. Our investigations are always thorough, our decisions are always final, and this makes some folks unhappy. All in all, our decisions are based on fairness for the whole, and this gives the honest folk more of a chance to win.

    NOTHING IN LIFE IS FREE!: If you think this is too good to be true, you are correct again. We are certainly getting something out of your activity. In no particular order, our interests are as follows:

  • Learning: We are certainly learning about all types of things. Our contest prizes will add up to a considerable amount of money, but the limited exposure outweighs the risk we would be taking to learn the hard way as a gaming operation.

  • Name Branding: We will do our best to make sure that you never forget about

  • Customer Service: If you send us an email you will receive a thoughtful and sincere response. As we grow, this will become more and more difficult and we look forward to meeting the challenge. Responses are always personal and thought out, and they are always signed by instead of a real person. This is done for a number of reasons. As a corporate entity, we intend to stand behind our employees who we put in the position to respond on our behalf. We do not intend on paying our employees to generate a personal relationship only to run off with our customers later. We will not put our employees at risk by divulging more personal information about themselves as is necessary to provide excellent customer service.

  • Systems Testing: We are looking for realistic systems testing. So far we believe that we are getting enough transactions per day to compare with some of the largest names in the gaming business. We are well aware that our customer base is microscopic in comparison, but the contest format has succeeded in generating enough transactions to push our systems through some very realistic activity.

  • Our Word: We are also attempting to prove that we pay when we say we do. We are upfront with our mistakes and hide nothing from our players. Should this make you trust us with your entire bankroll if we evolve into a gaming operation someday? Don't be a fool! Hopefully we will have earned enough faith for you to take a conservative chance as you should with every start-up. What is a start-up? We consider a start-up to be any operation which does not have a perfect payment history for at least 2 years; Solidity comes after 5 years, and any inconsistencies in payments should knock you right back to a start-up level of trust. If you were not aware of this, it's true, this is what it takes to become profitable and solid.

  • Regular Traffic: Quite simply, we want to be one of your regular daily stops, and we will do our best to make sure you have an interest in visiting each day.

  • Entertainment and Value: We want to prove that we can supply excitement and fun along with playable games that offer potential value.

  • Performance: We stand behind our games and our site. We want to show that we can deal with tens of thousands of transactions per day (even more with your help) without skipping a beat.

  • Fairness: We want to show that we act as fair as possible in every situation. Whenever errors and fraud occur, we will make it right, whether this works for or against you. You can bank on fair play at

  • Info about you: By playing at we are learning lots about you. If you win and take your funds to a gaming operation, we are learning that you like to play for real. By watching how you play, we are learning about your level of skill. By watching your activity, we are learning whether you play by the rules, or whether you are just there to take advantage of a good situation. We hope this doesn't bother anyone, but you should be aware that this information gathering does take place. Its part of what justifies the $36,000+ dollars that will go out this year in the way of contest prizes and bug-report rewards.

  • Affiliates: you will see gaming advertising to the right of our site. These are not paid advertisements. They are there only because we have extensive experience dealings with these operators, and know they would never disapoint our players. There are certainly others that we would endorse if we only had the experience of dealing with them. We do track the clicks to other sites and have an affiliate relationship for NEW signups only. This was not our goal or game plan, but will help with our costs.

  • Ability to contact you: Last but not least, we do want a valid email address. We want to be able to contact you at some point in the future, both for our own marketing, and to deal with problems during customer care. We wont release your info to others or abuse your inbox with junk. We intend to contact you only when we have something of tangible value for you.

    We might be telling the truth and acting in good faith, then again, this could all be a bunch of BS. You will have to take a chance (which doesnt cost any money) and then only time will tell!

    (any of you regular customers care to put in a good word for us? we would appreciate it if you simply shared your sincerest thoughts!)