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Just as you can make a futures wager on who will win the Super Bowl, you can also make a futures wager on who will win the 2008-2009 BCS Championship and become College Footballs National Title winner. (We'll post the complete odds below this article.) There's very little value in playing any of the favorites with this type of wager. Teams like USC and Ohio State simply aren't worth wagering on. The payoff is too small to justify it. Heck, USC is 7/2.

But there are some very interesting choices starting at 20-1 odds all the way
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up to 100-1 odds. Furthermore, you need to shop around at different sportsbooks. Just comparing two popular books, BetJamaica and we see huge differences in some of the prices to win the BCS Championship. Currently you can get LSU, Clemson and West Virginia at 20-1 Odds or better if you shop. All three of those teams figure to have very good years. LSU in particular, is always a threat.

How about Florida State at 60-1 Odds? Bobby Bowden has this team ready to strike once again. The new coaching staff has a year under it's belt and has the talent to compete right now for a BCS Championship. Last year, Bowden managed to win 7 games despite tons of adversity, including injuries, suspensions and a new staff. While we're in the state of Florida, why not mention the South Florida Bulls? This team is no joke as you'll see when we post our Big East Preview. 75-1 would be a nice payoff!

A couple more teams that you can get at least 75-1 to win the BCS Title on are Alabama and Michigan. Folks, Michigan is always a threat. You almost have to make a play on Michigan on principle alone. 75-1? Michigan is loaded with talent year after year. They have a schedule that is very cooperative. There's not one game on their schedule that they can't win. Even their season finale against Ohio State is winnable. Off all the teams at 20-1 or better, Michigan, at 75-1, stands out most.

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There's even a couple of 100-1 shots that, well, probably shouldn't be that high. How about the "Old Ball Coach" Mr Spurrier and his South Carolina Gamecocks? South Carolina returns 10 on defense and 7 on offense to a team that started 6-1, knocked off Georgia and was in every game they played last year. True, they play in the toughest conference in College Football, the SEC, which is a big problem, but heck, 100-1 odds is worth a peanut.

The beauty of playing decent teams at long odds to win the BCS College football Championship is, your team doesn't have to win it for you to make money. If you play a team like Michigan At 75-1 Odds and Michigan rolls thru the early part of their schedule undefeated, yet you don't think they have the talent to win the BCS, there are all kinds of hedging opportunities available which would enable you to lock in a profit.

One strategy is to go game by game thru the schedules of the teams you are considering. See if you can pick some teams at long odds that figure to be undefeated after 6 or 7 games. There's plenty of them as many teams play cupcake schedules early on. Look at some of the weaker conferences.


Listed below are the Odds to win the 2008-2009 College Football BCS Championship - The National Title

Currently available at


USC 7 - 2

Ohio St 4 - 1

Oklahoma 5 - 1

Florida 5 - 1

Georgia 7 - 1

Missouri 15 - 1

Clemson 20 - 1

LSU 20 - 1

West Virginia 20 - 1

Texas 30 - 1

Auburn 40 - 1

Texas Tech 40 - 1

zx Field (Any Other Team) 40 - 1

Virginia Tech 40 - 1

Penn St 50 - 1

Wisconsin 50 - 1

Florida St 60 - 1

South Florida 75 - 1

Alabama 75 - 1

Arizona St 75 - 1

Michigan 75 - 1

Illinois 75 - 1

Notre Dame 75 - 1

Nebraska 75 - 1

UCLA 75 - 1

Miami FL 100 - 1

Tennessee 100 - 1

Oklahoma St 100 - 1

Michigan St 100 - 1

Iowa 100 - 1

Kansas St 100 - 1

Kansas 100 - 1

Wake Forest 100 - 1

Kentucky 100 - 1

Louisville 100 - 1

Virginia 100 - 1

Arizona 100 - 1

Georgia Tech 100 - 1

Boise St 100 - 1

Arkansas 100 - 1

Boston College 100 - 1

Oregon 100 - 1

Maryland 100 - 1

Oregon St 100 - 1

Texas A&M 100 - 1

North Carolina St 100 - 1

North Carolina 100 - 1

California 100 - 1

Rutgers 100 - 1

South Carolina 100 - 1


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