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Welcome to the Free Picks page. Here you will find Free Picks and analysis for all major sports with an emphasis on NFL Football, College Football and College Hoops. was one of the very first websites to offer Free Picks to it’s visitors. It’s a tradition we are very proud to carry on to this day. That’s 25+ continuous years of offering quality winning picks to Our loyal visitors!

While much of Our focus is on football and hoops, we’ll also cover just about every sport over the course of the year, including Free picks for NASCAR, Golf and even the Olympics!

Remember, Free doesn’t mean low quality. Our Free picks are Premium Pick quality. In fact, we’ll gladly put Our Free Pick record up against any paid touts record over the last 25+ years.


College Football Picks – College Football has been by far Our most profitable sport over the years. College football is just as beatable today as it was over 35 years ago when I got my start. The players change, but the variables that impact the outcome of the Games don’t. There is no better sOurce online for Free College Football Picks than


NFL Football Picks – NFL is king when it comes to sports betting. The NFL is the most popular betting sport by a huge margin. That said, unlike college football, the NFL has changed over the years. The market is much more efficient today than it was 20 years ago making the NFL more difficult to beat. However, there are still plenty of opportunities, especially when you throw in alternative wagers like props, halftimes,  quarters and so on.


College Basketball Picks – College Basketball is one of the most beatable sports betting propositions due to the sheer number of Games. Oddsmakers simply can’t be on top of every college basketball board team, especially those from  smaller obscure conferences. Our college hoops coverage starts in January as football winds down.


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