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Football Score Predictions – 2024

Note – for 2024 our score predictions will be included with the consensus report. We will also list many of the scores within our many college football and NFL free write ups and picks this season.

They are not available as a sole purchase.

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Note the score highlighted in blue! That’s the score using data from the previous 7 games only. The actual score of the game was 23-20. Can’t be much more accurate than that and that happens every week!Great for sides, totals and TEAM TOTALS!

 1st score using full season data
 2nd score using last 4 games data
 3rd score using last 7 games data
 Updated Sun Jan 30 19:40:55 2022
Cincinnati                49.5          24   NEUTRAL 
LA Rams                   -4.0          27
Cincinnati                49.5          16   NEUTRAL 
LA Rams                   -4.0          28
Cincinnati                49.5          20   NEUTRAL 
LA Rams                   -4.0          24