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Betting on sports isn't just betting on one team to beat another. There are literally hundreds of other betting options for the sports betting enthusiast. For example, do you have an inside track as to which team former Atlanta Falcons Quarterback Michael Vick will play for, if any? If you do, you can put that knowledge to use and pick up a few bucks!

One of the most creative sportsbooks as far as coming up with new prop bets, is BetUs. This is a fine example, as BetUs has posted Michael Vick betting odds on everything from which team Vick will play for, how many games he will play in, and so on. You can even get 5/1 odds on whether or not PETA will protest his first NFL game back. Personally, we like that one. You can be sure PETA will protest his first game back. We would expect the odds on that to drop pretty fast.

Here is a list of the current Michael Vick Betting options as posted by BetUs, a leader in creative proposition bets. Do your homework. A little research goes a long way. It's not hard to gain an edge with these types of wagers. Information is king.


What team will sign Michael Vick?

New England Patriots 3/1
St. Louis Rams 5/1
New Orleans Saints 6/1
Oakland Raiders 7/1
Buffalo Bills 9/2
San Francisco 49ers 7/1
Seattle Seahawks 10/1
Any CFL Team 6/1
No Team 7/1
Any Other 3/1

How many NFL games will Vick play in 2009?

0 7/1
1 5/1
2 6/1
3 3/1
4 5/1
5 5/1
6 11/2
7 6/1
8+ 5/1

Will Vick's team make the playoffs?

Yes 5/6
No 5/6

Will PETA protest his first NFL game?

Yes 5/1

Odds he returns to the NFL:

Yes 1/3
No 2/1

What position he plays:

QB 5/2
WR 2/1
RB 3/1
TE 5/1
ConerBack 5/1
Safety 5/1

Odds to win a Super Bowl:

Yes 10/1
No 1/30

Odds on another arrest:

Yes 5/6
No 5/6

Will Michael Vick win the MVP Award?

Yes 10/1
No 1/30



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