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Hall of Fame Game Pick - Bills Vs Titans

Plus Current NFL Preseason Week One Lines

The long awaited return of NFL Football is finally here as the Hall of Fame game kicks off Sunday with the Buffalo Bills and the Tennessee Titans bang heads. While we won't have an official Key Release on this game we will offer a pick below. We'll also post the current week one preseason NFL lines with the rest of the games taking place Thursday of this week and beyond. Don't forget to sign up for our newsletter to receive all of our Key Releases!

The first games or two of the pre season are always the most difficult to handicap. It all comes down to how much effort each coach is willing to put into the first game. Most coaches point towards the 3rd game of preseason as the one they go all out. Many could care less about the 1st game and just go thru the motions. Handicapping the Hall of Fame game is even more difficult because both of the teams in the game get 5 pre season games instead of 4 to work with. Now they really have one to throw away.

With all of that in mind we're going to make a small recommendation on the Buffalo Bills +2.5. This play is based solely on motivation. The Titans have been consistently good the last several years. The Bills on the other hand, have been consistently mediocre, even bad. But this year holds some promise for the Bills. We even picked them to upset the Pats and win the division this year. Sometimes you can gain a little edge in this type of a setup. The Bills would really like to start off on the right foot and give some hope to their suffering fans.

While the pre season coaching edge favors the Titans with Jeff Fisher, we'll buck that trend and go against the grain here by backing the Bills +2.5. You may even be able to get +3 by game time.

Here's a look at the rest of the NFL Week One Pre Season Lines

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241 BUFFALO +3-120 o31-110 +130
242 TENNESSEE -3EV u31-110 -150


251 WASHINGTON +3-110 o31-110 -
252 BALTIMORE -3-110 u31-110 -

253 NEW ENGLAND +3�-110 o35-110 -
254 PHILADELPHIA -3�-110 u35-110 -

255 ARIZONA +3-110 o34-110 -
256 PITTSBURGH -3-110 u34-110 -

257 DALLAS +1-110 o34�-110 -
258 OAKLAND -1-110 u34�-110 -


259 ST. LOUIS +3�-110 o33�-110 -
260 NY JETS -3�-110 u33�-110 -

261 MINNESOTA +1�-110 o35-110 -
262 INDIANAPOLIS -1�-110 u35-110 -

263 CINCINNATI +3�-110 o37-110 -
264 NEW ORLEANS -3�-110 u37-110 -

265 DENVER +3-110 o34-110 -
266 SAN FRANCISCO -3-110 u34-110 -


267 ATLANTA +3-120 o35-110 -
268 DETROIT -3EV u35-110 -

269 CHICAGO - - -
270 BUFFALO - - -

271 TAMPA BAY - - -
272 TENNESSEE - - -

273 HOUSTON +2-110 o35-110 -
274 KANSAS CITY -2-110 u35-110 -

275 CLEVELAND +3-120 o34�-110 -
276 GREEN BAY -3EV u34�-110 -

277 SEATTLE +3�-110 o36-110 -
278 SAN DIEGO -3�-110 u36-110 -


279 JACKSONVILLE +3-110 o32-110 -
280 MIAMI -3-110 u32-110 -

281 CAROLINA +3-110 o33�-110 -
282 NY GIANTS -3-110 u33�-110



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