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Current Odds to Win the Stanley Cup

April 2011

In some professional sports, such as the NBA, there is very little value in a futures bet just prior to the start of that leagues playoffs. Let's face it, in the NBA, there aren't going to be any surprises. That's not always the case in the NHL. Surprises can happen. Not unlike March Madness, a team can get hot at just the right time. Or, a team that has things locked up weeks in advance may rest players and lose their edge. It happens.

Just the same, often times favorites do in fact prevail. One popular futures strategy is to wager on solid teams to win the cup prior to the playoffs starting, get them through a series or two and then hedge your way to profits.

For example the Philadelphia Flyers currently sit with the 2nd best record in the NHL.  Their current odds to win the Stanley Cup are 5/1. If you felt confident that the Flyers would make it through the first two rounds, you could take the 5/1 odds and then examine your hedging opportunities, depending on who they face, in round 3. At that point you would likely be able to put yourself into a situation where you make a guaranteed profit.

Outside of the NFL's one game sudden death playoff system, there's nothing quite like the NHL playoffs for excitement. Especially when we're fortunate enough to be treated to a game 7. The puck takes some crazy bounces. A little wager or two can heighten that excitement even more!


Here are the current updated odds to win the 2011 Stanley Cup.


Odds Courtesy of the largest sportsbook in the world -


Vancouver Canucks


Washington Capitals


Detroit Red Wings


Philadelphia Flyers


Boston Bruins


San Jose Sharks


Pittsburgh Penguins


Chicago Blackhawks


Buffalo Sabres


Tampa Bay Lightning


Los Angeles Kings


Nashville Predators


New York Rangers


Phoenix Coyotes


Anaheim Ducks


Montreal Canadiens


Dallas Stars


Calgary Flames


Toronto Maple Leafs


Carolina Hurricanes


Atlanta Thrashers


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