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GTBets Sportsbook Review

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GTBets has been on board here at Bettorsworld for several years now and simply keep getting better.

GTBets does sign up bonuses better than anybody else. Why you ask? Well, how ebout this.......

GTBets offers a true CASH BONUS. This differs from most sportsbooks, who offer "FREE BETS" when you sign up. Here's the difference. When you get a "free bet", you only get to keep the winnings. So if you get a $250 free bet, you place that bet on team A and win, you get $250 added to your account. But if you lose, you get nothing!

With GTBets, it's CASH. You get a $250 bonus, CASH, added to your account. You don't have to win a bet, to collect your $250. It's a true bonus.

Currently GTBets offers a 100% cash bonus up to $250 and a 50% cash bonus up to $500.



Another great bonus from GTBets is their   **Favorite Team Point Discounts**  NFL, College Football, NBA and College Basketball.

(Free ½ point on 2 Teams in each league mentioned above for the entire regular season



Lastly, it's a sportsbook that can actually get your credit card to work for a deposit!



Located in beautiful Curacao, a loacation we have visited many times to check out sportsbooks, GTBets has quickly become a go to book for big and small players alike.

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