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5 Dimes Sportsbook Review

Reduced Juice Wagering

The Number 1 Rated Book at Bettorsworld!

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Are you serious about winning? If we could choose just one sportsbook to play at, this would be the one. Why? Read on.....

Reduced Juice.....

5 Dimes Sportsbook is our Top Rated Sportsbook and is one of only a few sportsbooks in existence to offer reduced juice wagering.

There is not a professional sports bettor on the planet that doesn't utilize reduced juice. It's the bonus that keeps on giving. The sharpest bettors in the world are going to lose 40-45 percent of their wagers. At reduced juice, you're putting money in YOUR pocket on those losses.

A player that wagers on 1000 games betting a flat rate of $500 per game and hits 55% will win $11,250 more laying -105 than someone laying -110 on the same wagers.

Winning in the long run betting sports is EXTREMELY difficult. Reduced juice is a must have for anyone who is serious about winning. The only sportsbook that gives you reduced juice on every game on the board, every day, for every major sport, is 5 Dimes Sportsbook.



5 Dimes has been a major player in the offshore world for many, many years. Aside from reduced juice wagering, 5 dimes is also known, industry wide for their additional wagering offers and props. At 5 dimes, they don't just post one line on a game. More like 10 lines per game. All different lines with different prices, and prop bets galore. It's as if every game is the Super Bowl at 5dimes.

Click Here to Open an Account at 5 Dimes Sportsbook

5 Dimes naturally offers casino wagering as well as a full service Race Book with all major tracks covered.

Poker is also available at 5Dimes and how about this, you can even play your states local daily numbers lottery at 5 Dimes and get twice the payoff that your state gives you!



Safety is one of the most important factors people look for in an offshore sportsbook. Players want to know their funds are safe and available to them in an instant.

5 Dimes has been in business since the 90's. Their track record of prompt payouts and great customer service is well documented.

Actions speak louder than words and 5 Dimes has let their actions speak for close to 17 years.


Deposit with Ease.....

Just as 5Dimes offers more wagering options than any other sportsbook, they also offer more ways to fund your account than any other sportsbook!

At last count there were some 11 different methods of deposit, including credit card deposits, Bitcoin, Money Order and Person to Person.

In a day and age when funding an account can be difficult, 5 Dimes makes it easy as pie.


If you're only going to choose one.....

It's a given that experienced professional players are going to use 5 dimes. There is no such thing as a professional player WITHOUT a 5 dimes account.

While we encourage recreational bettors to use a few sportsbooks if possible, IF you were only going to use one, it would HAVE to be 5 dimes.

The reduced juice, bet offer variety, safety and ease of deposit all come together to make it a no brainer. Click Here to Open an Account at the number 1 rated Sportsbook!

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