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It’s that time again; March Madness is upon us and some of the most talented teams we have seen in years will compete for the 2008 NCAA Basketball National Championship. Tons and tons of NBA prospects and one of the best freshman classes maybe ever in college basketball from the unstoppable forward Michael Beasley at Kansas State who is averaging almost 27 points a game and 12 boards to the best guard to play for Indiana since Isaiah Thomas in their scoring machine shooting guard Eric Gordon. Before the conference tournaments, Kansas State is listed at odds of 50/1 to win the NCAA College Basketball National Championship at

Then you have the leader of the one most famous NCAA basketball team North Carolina in Tyler Hansbrough who is tearing it up playing in Carolina blue, scoring 23 points and 10 rebounds a game making North Carolina the number 1 team in the country and being one of the leading contenders for player of the year honors. The Tar Heels odds to win the National Championship are listed at 9/2 as of March 16th.

Michael Beasley and Eric Gordon are just a couple of the exceptional freshman in NCAA basketball this year you also have another big man in the West, Kevin Love of UCLA who might be the best of the bigs to play at UCLA since Bill Walton years ago, unbelievable basketball IQ, effective on both ends of the floor, not the fastest big man ever, but he will definitely be the deciding factor in UCLA’s success in the NCAA tournament with his dominant scoring and passing ability. UCLA was listed at odds of 7/2 to take the Championship and the are the favorites.

Just across town at USC there is OJ Mayo, who has actually gotten Southern California back on the college basketball map by electrifying basketball fans with his lightening quick speed, sweet jumper and slashing ability. USC probably won’t top Kevin Love and UCLA, but they did beat them in the regular season, so you never know. USC is a 40/1 shot to win the title.

As we approach the NCAA tournament there are a lot of teams that could make a huge impact on the tourney as there is no favorite take to win it all, but if out of teams on their way to the big dance, only about five teams look to stand the test of time: probably the most talented team UCLA, Kansas, Tyler Hansbrough’s North Carolina, Derek Rose’s Memphis, and the always dangerous Duke. Kansas is listed at odds of  5/1 to one to win the National Championship while Memphis is listed at 8/1.

If I were to make a pick right now, I go with UCLA to win the Championship, but honestly there is no team better than the other in the top 6 or 7 teams, so anything can happen! It will be one of the best tournaments in recent history guaranteed!

The Odds below are currently posted at where you can wager on the Big Dance in every way imaginable!





UCLA 7 - 2

North Carolina 9 - 2

Kansas 5 - 1

Memphis 8 - 1

Georgetown 12 - 1

Duke 15 - 1

Texas 15 - 1

Tennessee 20 - 1

Louisville 20 - 1

Xavier 20 - 1

Stanford 25 - 1

Wisconsin 30 - 1

Vanderbilt 30 - 1

Washington St 40 - 1

USC 40 - 1

Pittsburgh 40 - 1

Marquette 50 - 1

Michigan St 50 - 1

Kansas St 50 - 1

Clemson 50 - 1

Notre Dame 50 - 1

zx Field (Any Other Team) 50 - 1

Purdue 50 - 1

U CONN 50 - 1

Indiana 75 - 1

Arizona 75 - 1

Arkansas 100 - 1

Mississippi St 100 - 1

West Virginia 100 - 1

Miami FL 100 - 1

Gonzaga 100 - 1

Oklahoma 100 - 1

Drake 100 - 1

Butler 100 - 1

St Marys 100 - 1

Texas A&M 200 - 1

Kent St 200 - 1

Davidson 200 - 1

South Alabama 200 - 1

Oregon 200 - 1

Baylor 200 - 1

Kentucky 200 - 1

UNLV 200 - 1

BYU 200 - 1

St Joes 200 - 1

Temple 500 - 1

Villanova 500 - 1

George Mason 500 - 1

San Diego 500 - 1

Georgia 500 - 1

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