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"Now You Too
Can Bet Like a Pro
Win Week after Week
With Our Football Plays"

30 Years of Professional Handicapping Can't Be Wrong!

It's not every day you have an opportunity to "look over the shoulder" of a successful, long-term professional handicapper.

Today is your lucky day!

Our "Key Releases" are the work of a 30 year veteran of the sports handicapping profession. He's racked up an enviable record over the last thirteen years right here on the site.....including a 17-1 streak one year. 2009-2010 Bowls were 8-1....2010-2011 Bowls 7-1. That's a 15-2 Bowl run if you're keeping track at home!

2000-2013 at 431-342 for 55.7% winners That's a record we're proud of for many reasons.

Our pro, also happens to be the founder of this site.

You won't hit 94% winners every year, but you will win consistently.

There's a reason our "Key Releases" are the most popular, most widely followed football picks on the web...

We could easily charge more than $2,000 for a season's worth of these picks. That's still a bargain...but if you're a $500 player, that puts you down four units, right from the start. If you're a $100 player, you're down 20 units!

We've made it affordable for players of all shapes and sizes, big and small.

Get an entire season's worth of picks for just $349...a discount of more than 80% and a savings of more than $1600!!!

Plus, we're going to throw in our score predictions as an added bonus!

One more thing...

We approach football picks like a long term investor. We'll win some and lose some. Our pro has a 30 year track record of picking winners consistently. All you have to do is follow along. As a mentor of mine says, "Don't give up when you lose, and don't give it away when you win".

(By the way, most of our picks are college, but occasionally when we see an opportunity with the NFL, we'll include that pick also).

Here's to the 2014-2015 season!




  $349 Key Releases + Score Predictions Bonus



You can also send a personal check or money order to:

Bworld Inc
24 West Main St
Suite 323
Clinton CT

Checks and money orders can be made out to Bworld Inc.

Drop us a note at so we know to look for it. Include an email address with your check or money order so we know where to send the picks!



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