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NFL Over - Under Power Ratings - Week 3


By Jamie Tursini

These are my “Power Rating Totals” for the NFL.

Simply put they are designed to show how many points we can expect to be scored in each game. Thus showing the value (if any) of playing a game over, or under.

I have designed a “formula” for calculating home and road “totals” for each NFL team. I then combine the two for each matchup, giving my “PRT” for each game.

We must always keep in mind that these are hard numbers. It is up to you to assess injuries, weather, and any other detail that may come into affect.

We are looking for at least a 3 point difference between the actual betting line and my “PRT” to consider a play.

Week 3
N.Y. Jets 41

Houston 45

Kansas City
Philadelphia 40.5

Baltimore 39

N.Y. Giants
Tampa Bay 42.5

Detroit 44.5

Green Bay
St. Louis 46

San Francisco
Minnesota 42

New England 42

Seattle 41.5

New Orleans
Buffalo 44

San Diego 44

Cincinnati 40

Oakland 44.5

Arizona 48

Dallas 47

These will be available each week throughout the season. Good Luck.

Jamie Tursini

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