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17 Years and Still Going Strong

Bettorsworld prides itself in being the most respected, complete online sports gambling site on the Internet. We not only have longevity in our favor (we have been independently operating since 1995), we have the respect and attention of the most revered persons and companies in the sports betting world both online and off!

 The site came about back in the mid 1990's as the internet and online gaming were just getting started. Players were afraid to send their hard earned money to these offshore operations, and who could blame them. After all, no one really knew who was behind these operations that were sprouting up everywhere, almost on a daily basis.

The idea was simple. Put these offshore sportsbooks in the spot lite. Report on their every move. Report on customer service, payout speed, slow paying books and most important of all, the stiffs.

We visited all of the popular sportsbook locations several times. Costa Rica, Antigua and Curacao, and toured all of the offshore sportsbooks firsthand. We got to know the people behind the scenes and maintain that contact today.

You've heard the phrase, "often imitated never duplicated". Well, that's something we are very proud of here at Bettorsworld. We were the very first to do this, and while literally 100's of sites have tried to follow in our footsteps, very few have even marginally succeeded. The betting public is too sharp. They can smell pretenders a mile away.

Here at Bettorsworld we bring 20 solid years of online service to the table, and another 10+ years of experience prior to that. 30+ years of sportsbetting experience on both sides of the table, both as players and taking action. We know this business inside and out, which is what keeps us on top today.

The offshore sportsbook industry has gone through many changes over the years. There aren't nearly as many solid options for players as there once was. Getting good information on where to play is more important now than it ever was.

Having been around for so many years, we have the luxury of being able to choose which offshore sportsbooks grace the pages of our site. Unlike the high school kid who throws up a webpage to make a quick buck, we've been in the trenches since the beginning. We've lived through all the stiffs, all the legal issues, all the ups and downs and growing pains. If it's happened in this industry, we know about it. A literal walking encyclopedia of offshore gaming knowledge.

Feel free to contact us concerning any issue. We'll gladly answer any and all questions you may have, be it current affairs or a history lesson from years gone by. We love to hear from our visitors.

We're also offering more and more handicapping services than at any other time in our past. So kick back, have a look around, enjoy the site, and most important of all, pick more winners than losers and make a few bucks along the way!

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Bettorsworld caters to a worldwide audience. Online Gambling may be illegal in your jurisdiction. We strongly suggest that you check with local, State and Federal Government in your jurisdiction before partaking in online gambling
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