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There are many websites that claim to offer sportsbook ratings on the net. Problem is, none of them do it right. A very high percentage of the sites offering sportsbook ratings are simply rating the books that pay them the most, the highest. As a matter of fact, one of the most well known sportsbook ratings sites operates under the guise of not taking advertising revenue. Industry insiders know that is far from the truth. They even take advertising from the sportsbooks that are lowest in their ratings!

Here at Bettorsworld, we have chosen not to assign the gimmick ratings such as B+ or a 5 on a 1-10 scale. Those types of sportsbook ratings are nothing more than a gimmick. Whether or not a sportsbook is "the best" is purely a matter of opinion by individual clients of the sportsbooks.

Having said that, allow us to use the gimmick sportsbook ratings just once. If a sportsbook appears on Bettorsworld, in our opinion, they are an A++ sportsbook worthy of your consideration when looking for a place to play. Each sportsbook on this site is unique in it's own way, each having their own strengths and special promotions. Have a look around. Find a sportsbook that fits your needs and leave the sportsbook ratings to the clowns trying to pull the wool over your eyes.

We don't take this list lightly. We have resisted adding to this list for a few years now. This industry is NOT the same industry we helped build 15 years ago when there were 40 or 50 sportsbooks worthy of top ratings.












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