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The following are the odds to win the Super Bowl XLII - 2009

Sunday, Feb. 1 -- Tampa, Florida

Odds are based on a $100 wager

The chance of making a "big score" by making a futures bet, namely, the odds to win the super bowl, are far better in this day and age than years ago. In todays game, teams go from worst to first in one year. Players change teams like we change our shirts!

The astute bettor, will do his homework during the off season, and calculate his own odds to win the super bowl. Which teams made the best off season moves? Which teams had an impact last year and have decent odds to win the super bowl this year?

By far the sportsbook with the best odds to win the super bowl would be Shop around, chances are, will have the best odds, not only to win the super bowl, but on just about every thing else!

The following are the odds to win the super bowl for the 2008-2009 season as of August 2008

These Super Bowl Odds listed below are a consensus of many sportsbooks, and not from one sportsbook in particular. All sportsbooks will have different odds on different teams, so it's best to shop around! Once again, the mighty New England Patriots are favored to take the crown.

New England Patriots 7 - 2

Dallas Cowboys 6 - 1

Indianapolis Colts 7 - 1

San Diego Chargers 7 - 1

Jacksonville Jaguars 12 - 1

Pittsburgh Steelers 15 - 1

New York Giants 15 - 1

Minnesota Vikings 18 - 1

Philadelphia Eagles 20 - 1

Seattle Seahawks 25 - 1

Green Bay Packers 25 - 1

New Orleans Saints 25 - 1

Cleveland Browns 25 - 1

Tampa Bay Buccanneers 30 - 1

New York Jets 35 - 1

Chicago Bears 35 - 1

Tennessee Titans 40 - 1

Washington Redskins 40 - 1

Carolina Panthers 40 - 1

Oakland Raiders 50 - 1

Denver Broncos 50 - 1

Arizona Cardinals 50 - 1

Buffalo Bills 50 - 1

Houston Texans 60 - 1

Cincinnati Bengals 60 - 1

Saint Louis Rams 75 - 1

Baltimore Ravens 75 - 1

Detroit Lions 80 - 1

San Francisco 49ers 80 - 1

Kansas City Chiefs 100 - 1

Atlanta Falcons 100 - 1

Miami Dolphins 100 - 1



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