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Players are betting that Carolina Panthers will win Super Bowl XLI

SPORTSBETTING.COM players are betting that the Panthers will win their first Super Bowl in Florida, February 4, 2007. With current odds of 12-1, they have garnered more than 14% of the Super Bowl futures wagering.

Carolina finished 13 6 last year, eventually bowing out to the Seahawks in the NFC Championship game. With returning stars, Jake Delhomme, Steve Smith and Julius Peppers the Panther roster is bolstered by the additions of Keyshawn Johnson and first round draft choice, DeAngelo Williams.

The number two bet Super Bowl winner at SPORTSBETTING.COM is the Indianapolis Colts, the current Super Bowl favorite at 6-1 with 9.8% of total wagers. The top three is rounded out by the Dallas Cowboys, who have accounted for 7.4% of the total wagers and are currently paying 12-1.

Super Bowl Odds and SPORTSBETTING.COM Trends

Carolina Panthers 12-1 14.4%
Indianapolis Colts 6-1 9.8%
Dallas Cowboys 12-1 7.4%
Seattle Seahawks 10-1 5.5%
Kansas City Chiefs 20-1 5.3%
New York Giants 18-1 5.2%
Baltimore Ravens 25-1 5.0%
Washington Redskins 18-1 3.9%
Pittsburgh Steelers 9-1 3.7%
Buffalo Bills 200-1 3.5%
San Francisco 49ers 175-1 3.1%
New England Patriots 8-1 3.0%
Miami Dolphins 18-1 2.9%
Cincinnati Bengals 30-1 2.9%
Atlanta Falcons 30-1 2.6%
Green Bay Packers 40-1 2.4%
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 30-1 2.3%
Denver Broncos 12-1 2.1%
New Orleans Saints 80-1 1.9%
Philadelphia Eagles 20-1 1.8%
Arizona Cardinals 40-1 1.6%
Minnesota Vikings 30-1 1.6%
Oakland Raiders 80-1 1.3%
San Diego Chargers 18-1 1.3%
Chicago Bears 15-1 1.2%
Detroit Lions 50-1 1.0%
New York Jets 100-1 1.0%
Tennessee Titans 200-1 1.0%
Jacksonville Jaguars 30-1 0.3%
St Louis Rams 50-1 0.3%
Houston Texans 100-1 0.3%
Cleveland Browns 150-1 0.2%

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