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We are down to just 16 teams people, with some upsets; a few Cinderellas flirting with the Elite Eight and all the #1 seeds still hanging are, well, just barely anyway.

Just like every year in the famous NCAA tourney, there will be very disappointing upsets of teams that seem to be unbeatable or very talented and this year is no different as some of the best teams in the tournament are already out and licking there wounds.

One of these upsets was Mike Krzyzewskiís (bet you canít spell that) #2 seed Duke who fell hard to a 7 seed West Virginia team. I may be out of line or totally off track with this, but I am betting that after getting knocked out in the first round in last yearís tournament and get beat in the second round this season (pretty much losing Dukeís famous dominance) that Coach K maybe in the hot seat, I doubt it, but with as cut throat as the college sports can be, it just might be possible.

Another big dog that couldnít compete down the stretch was Georgetown who many had making it to at least the Elite Eight, but John Thompson Jr. III couldnít get his boys passed a motivated Davidson team who was able create two upsets by beating 7th seeded Gonzaga in the first round and then knocking out #2 seed Georgetown to make it to the Sweet Sixteen.

Although there have been upsets that many didnít see coming, all four of the #1 seeds are still riding on their high horses, but a couple of them have had some rough roads to go through so far like UCLA who may well be the most talented team in the tourney lead by Kevin Love, but they barely, and I mean barely got passed 9 seed Texas A&M who was in control of the game the entire way until Love put the Bruins on his back to get the win 51-49.

The other top seed that has hit a bump in the road was Derek Roseís Memphis Tigers who just got passed Mississippi State 77-74, but Kansas and North Carolina seem to have it pretty easy as they have both destroyed opponents that came in their path winning each round convincingly.




As we come down the stretch one the way to the Elite Eight we have some compelling match ups:


UNC should beat Washington State fairly easy, but I guarantee Derek Lowe and company will not go down without a fight because they have been playing in arguably the toughest conference all season long, so they have been playing against the best of the best all year long


Rick Pitino has Louisville playing the best basketball they have played since he has coached the squad, the Vols though seem to be on a mission and I think they have the edge here, but this may be the best game in the Sweet Sixteen.


The Jayhawks should just roll over Nova here as they are better on both ends of the floor, especially defensively, but you never know, Nova may just turn the corner.


Honestly, a week ago, I would have said this would be Wisconsinís game without question, but now, I think Davidson is on an emotional high and is running to make a legitimate run at the Final Four and become this yearís Cinderella story.


Personally, the Tigers are too good to be knocked out by Tom Izzoís Spartans, but I didnít think they would get passed Pitt and by 11 points no less, so if Memphis were to lose early, this would be the game.


Stanford has been impressive all year and a lot people think they should have won the Pac-10 tourney and maybe they should have, but they are definitely making up for it by playing inspired basketball and I think there is no stopping them, so they move on passed Texas.


This should be a cake walk for the Bruins, but so should have the last game, so anything can happen depending on what UCLA team shows up, the one that plays defense and can score or the one that doesnít. I still pick Kevin Love and company, but they need to step it up!


I smell an upset brewing here, West Virginia was very impressive when they took down #2 Duke and I believe that momentum should boil over to this match up, so my circle is around the Mountaineers.

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