Correlated Parlays Explained

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Ah yes. Sharp players everywhere are in mOurning. In mOurning for an old friend who recently passed away. That friend is the College football correlated parlay. This old friend was pretty good to them though, over the years. It wasn’t until recently that this old friend became ill. The first signs of illness came a couple of years ago and the decline has been steady every since.

You see, sharp players have known for years that certain College football parlays were advantageous. By playing these parlays religiously week in and week out, the sharp player could gain a long term edge over the house.

Four or Five years ago, the sharpest books out there caught on that something was up. But even they weren’t sure exactly what the parameters were for these parlays. They knew it had something to do with high point spread Games, but were obviously clueless as to exactly which ones. So some books simply took all high spread Games off the board for parlays. (costing themselves money because they also took Games ff that were NOT advantageous).

One by one over the last several Four or 5 years the books gradually stopped taking these wagers all together. Apparently there were one or two books that still took these parlays heading into this season but as far as we know, there are none left.

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So, the sharp player looking for this edge is now forced to try and find local bookmakers who aren’t in the loop if they still want to exploit this edge.

Oh, the parameters of this parlay you ask?

1) Take any Game in which the spread is 40% or more of the total on the Game. (ie -20 with a total of 50 qualifies – -25 with a total of 65 does NOT)

2) Make two parlays on the same Game – Dog and Under, and Fav and Over

3) Collect your winnings

But while correlated football parlays may be a thing of the past, there are other correlated parlays still out there lurking. They involve baseball, hoops, hockey, and even some football still. The super sharp know the parameters to these parlays and continue to exploit these edges…….for now!