Castillo Corrales

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Jose Luis Castillo vs Diego Corrales



How often have you watched a fight and found yourself screaming at the TV for the fighters to just throw some punches? Often, if you’re a fight fan. As a matter of fact, last Saturday Night comes to mind when Roy Jones and Tarver squared off.

You won’t have to worry about that this Saturday Night when Jose Luis Castillo and Diego Corrales step into the ring for their rematch of what was no doubt the fight of the year last May. Heck, may well have been the fight of the decade as both fighters went toe to toe and had each other in trouble several times, with Corrales getting off the canvas twice to stop Castillo in the 10th round.

So often, fight fans feel ripped off after shelling out their hard earned dollars to watch a pay per view fight, only to see the fighters dance around the ring like an audition for a Saturday Night Fever movie. It’s a feeling as if you’ve just had your wallet lifted. All fight fans have experienced this feeling. But it’s fights like  Castillo vs Corrales that make up for all of the duds, and that remind us of why boxing is still alive and well.

From a betting standpoint, to come out ahead betting on boxing in the long run, you need to pick your share of underdogs. Some great scores have been made betting on boxing over the years. Just ask the bettors who had Buster Douglas over Mike Tyson years ago.

Of course this fight doesn’t present us with long odds.

Sat 10/8 Jose Luis Castillo vs Diego Corrales 07:30 PM 801 J. Castillo +136   802 D. Corrales -146


Total Rounds (Castillo vs Corrales) 07:30 PM 803 Over 9.5 rounds -148   804 Under 9.5 rounds +138


Of course there’s a whole list of props on the fight as well including picking either fighter to win by KO, decision, draw and so on, as well as a ton of pick the round props.

I wish we could come up with a strong opinion on this fight but that won’t be the case. I’m going to make a very small wager on Castillo simply based on the fact that he had the last fight won and at +136 presents himself as a very live dog. I think if these two fight 100 times, each fighter wins 50 times. So getting +136 on a 50/50 fight makes us money in the long run.

Castillo said he may have let up a little mentally in the last fight after having Corrales on the canvas twice and feeling he had the fight won. A likely scenario for this fight will be to see another close fight, with both fighters going toe to toe, but seeing Castillo drop Corrales once or twice over the course of the fight. That could be the difference, because in an otherwise even fight, those knockdowns and the 10-8 rounds on the scorecards are hard to overcome.

So, a small wager on Jose Luis Castillo to win this fight at +136.

More importantly, lets hope that this fight is even HALF as good as the first one. If it is, boxing fans everywhere will be treated to a fight where they actually got their moneys worth and won’t feel violated in the pocket when it’s over.

Enjoy the fight!

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