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Things were looking very good for Miguel Cotto in the not so distant past. He was undefeated, and one of the fastest rising stars in boxing. It looked as if he, not Manny Pacquaio, could be the one to go toe to toe with Floyd Mayweather. Then he stepped into the ring with Antonio Margarito. He was cut badly in that fight and lasted until the eleventh round before his connections thought it best to throw in the towel. His star has dimmed, but has not gone out. With a series of strong victories Miguel Cotto could find himself back on top in the near future.

Miguel Angel Cotto is a compact fighter. He likes to keep things close, and will have to do so in order to keep the 3 extra inches of reach that his opponent, Joshua Clottey, has over him in check. Standing 5 feet 7 inches tall, Cotto is 27 years old and he has an orthodox fighting style. He hails from Puerto Rico and is quite a celebrity there. The annual Puerto Rican Parade will take place in New York City that day and rest assured, Cotto will have PLENTY of support inside and outside of the venue. Taking down Clottey will not be an easy task, and he will have to shake off the rust with and have no hitches if he wants the victory.

Joshua Clottey is 32 years old and he boasts a record of 35-2. Hailing from Ghana, most of his wins have come against subpar boxers, but don’t let that fool you. He is a vicious puncher and has very good defense. He has won by KO 20 times. The first time Clottey lost was against Carlos Baldomir. He was winning until late in the fight, but was DQ’ed after ignoring warnings about head butting his opponent. His second loss came to Antonio Margarito, who handed Cotto his only loss. The loss was a unanimous decision, but Clottey showed heart because his hand was broken in the Fourth round.

Clottey’s last fight resulted in a unanimous decision over the southpaw Zab Judah. The fight was stopped early due to a cut suffered by Judah, but Clottey was the clear victor on all scorecards. Clottely also owns recent victories over Jose LUis Cruz, Shamone Alvarez, and Felix Flores. He isn’t the flashiest fighter to ever step in the ring, but he punches hard and knows how to get the job done.

Miguel Cotto made quick work of Michael Jennings to win the vacant WBO welterweight title in his last bout. He beat Shane Mosley by unanimous decision in late 2007 to show that he can hang with big name boxers. Mosley would go on to take out Antonio Margarito, the only man to have ever dealt Cotto a loss. In 2005 Cotto delivered a knockout to Ricardo Torres. At the time Torres had a record of 28-0 with 26 KOs. The former World Boxing Association Boxer of the Year is no stranger to knock down drag out fights. He could have just such a match on his hands with Joshua Clottey.

It should come as no surprise that Miguel Cotto is the overwhelming favorite at -340 at He has a much better resume and should have fire in his eyes after suffering his first defeat only two fights ago. Joshua Clottey is on the board at +260. He will have to come with the fight of his life to take down Cotto, and that is not outside of the realm of possibility. I believe Cotto will win a close match. I hope I am wrong because my money will be on Clottey due to the value. I can’t take Cotto at such a short price, and I think Clottey has a legitimate shot of taking him down. Good luck and check back to for the latest Boxing news and information!



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