The Clink – The Worst Sportsbooks

The Clink is best described as a blast from the past. When we first started keeping tabs on offshore sportsbooks back in the mid 90’s, we had a very popular page called the clink. We’ve kept the page in place for old times sake. We no longer update this page, but it serves as a reminder of where this industry has been. Lots of places have come and gone over the years.

It also shows you what those that came before you, had to endure. Sure,  there was money to be made back in  the day, but there was also money to be lost if you  weren’t careful.

Most of these closing came within a few year period. Fun times!


21st Century CLOSED!! NO PAY!! Domain name is now for sale for $5,000…

Aces Gold/Sportsmarket CLOSED – NO PAY!!! Charlie Therwhanger picked up his bags and abruptly left the beautiful island of Curacao damaging not only their once highly regarded licensing system, but leaving a sOur taste in everyone’s mouth about the offshore industry. He left numerous players AND sportsbooks unpaid.

Ace in the Hole – Still operating; however, many complaints about NO PAYS and improper site operation. No contact information on the website and although they claim to be operating out of San Jose, Costa Rica, it is rumored they do have a server in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. The notorious credit card scammer Nick Nolter is said to be involved with this venture.

Action Sports CLOSED!! Once on the Don Best feed, this operation failed to play large players and eventually caved.

Action Sports Wagering CLOSED – NO PAY!!! now has possession of the domain name.

Alladin’s Gold CLOSED!! NO PAY!! A supposed deal with Sterling fell through and Eddie Hadeed has left millions in unpaid debts to players.

Allied Sports CLOSED!! NO PAY!! The domain name is now a sports equipment store.

Aloha Casino – Still operating, but one of the last of the Unified Gaming platform. Once a decent establishment, the recent crackdown on credit cards has caused players to be slow-paid or no paid for almost a year now. STAY AWAY!!

Arizona Sportsbook CLOSED!! NO PAY!! Although the domain is currently listed as under construction…

Best Bet Sportsbook CLOSED!! Hung around for a long time HANGING on to customer money before they finally gave up.

Best Sportsbook CLOSED!! This was a SCAM operation that did nothing but steal customer’s money.

Bettorsbook CLOSED!! NO PAY!!

BetMega (Mega Sportsbook) – Still Operating even though NUMEROUS slow/no pay complaints have come in and numerous management turnovers have taken place over the past year.  Very unstable operation, STAY AWAY!!

BigSportsbook NOT TO be confused with the rock solid Big Book, this establishment was slow paying players, but now appears to be out of business. The website is up, but not operating properly……STAY AWAY!!

Black Rhino GUILTY of throwing out players for being “sharp” and refusing to pay them their winnings. They claim to have collaborated with other sportsbooks and that these players were playing “unethically”. Excuses, excuses…STAY AWAY.

BullishBets CLOSED!! NO PAY!! Scam Operation.

Caribi CLOSED!! NO PAY!! One of the most highly respected individuals in the offshore industry known as “Monty” took off on his own to run this endeavor. Protected by Don Best and the industry in general, they couldn’t make it. They got in over their heads and left players and sportsbooks hundreds of thousands of dollars poorer.

Caribbean Sports CLOSED!! NO PAY!! Site is now an Antiguan operated site about sporting events. CLOSED!! Stiffed players and made inexcusable arguments for doing so. CLOSED!! The following message says it all: Under advice of counsel, Cyberbookies is ceasing all 800 telephone services and accordingly, will not accept applications for sports wagering if the applicant intends to accept wagers from the United States or its possessions and territories. This policy is being put into effect because there is presently a litigation in the United States brought on behalf of a singular U.S. Attorney’s Office. Until the COurts have adjudicated the issue, Cyberbookies has decided to await the final outcome of the litigation in this matter. Numerous people left UNPAID!!

Dial-A-Bet CLOSED!! NO PAY!!

Dunes Sports CLOSED!! NO PAY!! Two owners later, this book couldn’t make it work. Spent all their money up front on snazzy office facilities and when it came time to pay……players were left with VERY slow pay situations or NO PAYS when they finally gave up.

Empire Sports CLOSED!! NO PAY!!

Fortress International CLOSED!! NO PAY!! Once located in the Free Zone in Costa Rica, this operation was reportedly run by a group of individuals known for opening scam operations.

Gambling Stadium A combination of Unified Gaming books that were unable to make it on their own. This establishment also couldn’t make it work. CLOSED!! NO PAY!!

Goldcoast CLOSED!! NO PAY!! Affiliated with RKR Sports and Top Turf.

Goliath Sports CLOSED!! NO PAY!! Once endorsed by a few online watchdog sites, Goliath disappeared in a cloud of smoke.

Grand Holiday CLOSED!! NO PAY!!

INET Sportsbook CLOSED!! NO PAY!! Their site is now just a links page with links to other sportsbooks who are NOT all proven establishments. Stick with The List!! CLOSED!! NO PAY!! CLOSED!! Operated in the UK. Packed their bags and disappeared leaving players in the lurch. Players are left scratching their head while the website states they are simply having technical problems.

NetBetz CLOSED!! NO PAY!! Domain Name is now for sale.

NewAgeBets CLOSED!! NO PAY!! This entity went belly up with little or no notice.  Their website and telephone service ceased to work on October 31, 2002.  Many players left confused, angry and unpaid.

Quick Pay Sportsbook CLOSED!! Try NO PAY!!

Paradise Sports CLOSED!! SLOW PAY!! Domain name is currently under construction. It is not known at this time for what it will be used. CLOSED!! SLOW PAY/NO PAY!!

Paramount Sports Operating as a Sports Information Site promoting SBG Global at the present time……previously a NO PAY!!! CLOSED!! This company was guilty of flat out stealing from customers! Closed up shop and ceased “trading” after they failed to overcome financial woes caused by floating funds during the World Cup. All players are expected to be paid, but it is nonetheless a black mark on the UK’s sparkling image.

RKR Sports CLOSED!! NO PAY!! Affiliated with Top Turf and Goldcoast.

Sports International CLOSED!! NO PAY!! The domain name is now a search engine.

Sport-stats CLOSED!! They were not licensed where they said, they were operating in Canada!

SportsWager 2000 CLOSED!!

Top Turf Original operation CLOSED!! NO PAY!! Site is now a French horse racing site with links to other casinos in French. Affiliated with RKR Sports and Goldcoast.

Wagersports CLOSED!! Scammed Players…

WWSportsbook CLOSED!! NO PAY!!

Wsex CLOSED!! NO PAY!! – Once the shining star of the industry