ACC Tournament

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ACC Tournament Preview

The Big East Tournament will be in the most competitive and entertaining out of the big time conferences Tournaments due to the amount of talented teams and players, but not far off is the ACC Conference which has it fair share of great teams as well.

North Carolina has played amazing as of late, especially after their huge win over their arch rival in Duke at Chapel Hill, but there are definitely some teams in the ACC Conference that could make some serious waves. The Tar Heels will be tough to beat in both the Conference Tournament and the Big Dance, but there is definitely no shortage of teams that are worthy of pulling off the upset.

In my opinion, I think that the team to win the National title will be coming out of either the ACC or Big East conferences. There is a slight chance we could see another Big 12 team crowned as NCAA champion, but the teams in these two conferences are like men amongst boys when compared to other conferences this season.

The top Four teams in the ACC Conference Tourney are North Carolina, Wake Forest, Duke and Florida State. The Tar Heels are the clear favorite and for good reason, but I believe there will be an upset in this Conference Tournament and I don’t think it will be a team in the top Four in the ACC Tournament.

There is one team in the ACC Conference Tourney that seems destined to pull off an upset in either this Tourney or the Big Dance and that is the Clemson Tigers. The Tigers may not have finished the season with an impressive ranking in the polls like Duke and Wake Forest did and they did struggle a bit to finish the season especially with the loss to the Demon Deacons, but if any team in the ACC can pull off the unlikely upset it is the Tigers.

The Tar Heels should win this Tournament in my opinion, but if they get matched up with either Wake Forest or Clemson in the later rounds I think there just might be a surprising upset. North Carolina did beat the Tigers with ease back in late January, but they did struggle against the Deacons in one of only three losses this season.

Some people may think that the Duke Blue Devils are still in the running in the ACC Conference Tournament, but after losing their last match up with the Tar Heels I don’t think the Duke has what it takes to win the Conference Tournament that they used to dominate. They have been on somewhat of a role after five in a row with some big wins over Wake Forest and Florida State, but I think Coach K’s season ended at Chapel Hill.

Florida State in my opinion had a fluke season and will be exposed for what they really are in the ACC Tournament. They might make it to the Semifinals, but I think that is as far as they go. Two other teams that might make some noise in the ACC Tourney are Boston College and Maryland, but once again they will probably not make it past the Semifinals.

A safe bet here is taking North Carolina to win the ACC Tournament. Wake Forest and Clemson might sneak in there, but the Tar Heels should be the winner here.



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