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We have put together a winning hoops combo package that simply can’t be beat. You will get all of Our services at the most profitable time of year for just $269.00. Arm yourself with the strongest information available for February, March, April, May and June. This includes all the college hoops regular season,  Conference Tourney action, March Madness and the NBA right thru to the finals in June.

Here is what is includedin the package: All services run thru the NBA Finals

1) Consensus Service – All the plays of the top sports services in the Nation. All the locks, all the Games of the year, everything from soup to nuts from all of the most popular, well known handicappers out there.


2) Consensus Club Picks – The Consensus Club is where we filter out the very best plays from Our consensus reports and release them to Our clients. Our current record in hoops this year is 60-40 overall. 56-39 in college hoops and 16-11 in the NBA with the best still yet to come. The Consensus Club is plugged in right now and winning everything in sight.


3) Oddswiz Selections – This is the cherry on top of this package. Past subscribers to Oddswiz hoops have enjoyed some incredible March Madness runs including a 70% Tourney run a couple of years ago. These are my personal plays. I don’t handicap hoops until I can devote 100% of my time to it, which happens to be when football ends. After 25+ years as a professional handicapper, I’ve learned to stick with what works best for me which in hoops, is from February forward. When you get a hoops play from me, you can be sure it’s been handicapped from every angle. In other words, it’s the “right side”.


You will not find a stronger hoops package anywhere else. There are clowns out there charging thousands of dollars and all they do is lose their clients money year after year. You cannot pay thousands for a service and then expect to grind out a profit on top of that. We want you to win. Period.

Here you get the consensus reports, the consensus club and the plays of a professional sports bettor for a fraction of what others charge. Hop on board for the most profitable time of year!

269.00 – Hoops Combo Package

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