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College Hoops Handicapping SCratch Sheet


Often times, with these big cards, there just isn’t enough time to pump out a write up on one of the Games. Such is the case today with a good sized Wednesday card. So, we thought some of you might find it interesting if we posted Our scratch sheet.

What is a scratch sheet? A scratch sheet, in this case, is a listing of all the potential plays on the board, based on Our initial work up of the card. For every handicapper, this process is different. Many will use power ratings to come up with a list of potential plays. In Our case, we use a method to calculate a final Scoreon every Game on the board. We then ferret out the Games where there is a large gap between Our predicted Scoreand the actual line.

From that point, we dig into that list of Games and start the process of elimination based on other handicapping factors until we arrive at Our official plays for the day. For today, 6 of these Games made the final cut. Here is the scratch sheet. To get the official plays, just sign up with us for the rest of the way. You’ll get Our plays, plus the consensus club plays (61% on the year) as well as Our full consensus reports for just $269 right thru the NBA Finals. Click Here for Details

SCratch Sheet for 2/24/10

Drexel 68-64
Pitt 73-67
Boston College 66-62
Ball St 60-54
William Mary 80-55
Kent St 60-56
St Johns 65-64
Iowa St 69-60
Xavier 71-57
Houston 75-71
Marshall 76-61
Bradley 64-60
Baylor 70-67

There’s the sheet. A large card dwindled down to 13 Games. From that point we dig in further and in this case, ended up with 6 plays for tonight. Those process will be repeated every day thru the Final Four in April. Hop on board!

Good LUck!


Hoops Plays coming soon!

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