Basketball Keys

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2013-2014 Basketball Key Releases $299

Basketball is here and so are Our Key Releases. We have added a new twist to Our Key Releases which we think will add some great value to Our service. As always. aside from Our selections, you’ll also receive Our basketball Score Predictions which are a big part of Our basketball handicapping approach. You’ll receive those Score Predictions for every Game on the board,  both NBA and college.

Now, aside from receiving Our Key Releases thru the final 4, you’ll also receive Our TOP 10 basketball opinions/plays each and every day, in order of preference.

For example, each day, we dwindle down the card and arrive at Our key releases. We start with a scratch sheet of potential plays, and work Our way from there, eliminating Games until we have Our card set for the day. Some days we may play 3 Games. Some days we may play 1. Some days, we may pass completely. But even on days where we pass completely, we’ll post Our top 10 Games in order of preference.

So, obviously, if we have 3 key releases one day, they will be the top 3 plays on Our report. The next 7 will be the Games that almost made Our card.

How does this help you? Several ways.  For one, we realize that many of you play your own stuff as well as Ours. Posting Our top 10 plays each day will allow you to see the Games we initially found some value in even if the Games didn’t end up making the cut. Perhaps you already saw value in the same Game and Our opinion will help you pull the trigger.

The most important way posting the top 10 helps you is that we leave winners on the table every day. We have never actually tracked the Games that DON’T make Our final card, but we suspect they are likely profitable. Remember, we may dwindle a 100 Game card down to 5 Games. So, the odds of the next 5, in order of preference, being profitable, are high. We simply don’t play a large volume. We’re more selective with Our Keys.

So you’ll get

1) Key Releases (all college)

2) Score Predictions (NBA + College)

3) Top 10 plays every day (mostly college – some NBA)

Hoops Keys W/ scores Keys w/ scores $299.99 USDscores Only $99.99 USD USE DROP DOWN BOX  – OPTION OF scores ONLY IS ALSO AVAILABLE

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