Basketball Top Plays

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2013-2014 BASKETBALL


We are excited to offer Our subscribers a new basketball option this year that we think will offer tremendous value and bang for your buck. It’s a new daily feature called the Top 10. The name speaks for itself. Each and every day during the basketball season, we will release the Top 10 Games on the Board in order of preference. If we have Key Releases that day, they will obviously be includedand will be the top plays of the day. If we have no key releases that day, we will still release 10 plays in order of preference. (some NBA included)

This came about simply because we tend to be conservative with Our Key Releases. We pass many days and often times might only play a Game or two. In the process, we leave several Games on the table, or off of Our card for the day, that end up being winners. On a huge Saturday card for example, we come up with a scratch sheet of potential plays and then dwindle that sheet down. We may only end up playing 5 Games one particular Saturday. But those Games that don’t end up making the final cut often times should have.

This feature will offer something for everyone. If you want to be selective, play the number 1 rated play of the day. If you want to have a little more action, play the Top 3. Still more? Play the Top 5. Like to be more of a volume player? In that case, play all 10.

again, we are highly selective with Our Key Releases. We don’t play large volume every day. That is the ONLY reason we don’t release 10 plays per day. These will be 10 solid plays, handicapped using all of Our methods and worthy to be on any players card that plays a high volume of Games.

Use the drop down box to select DAILY, WEEKLY, or MONTHLY Options


Top 10 Plays Daily Card $15.00 USDWeekly (7 days) $49.00 USDMonthly (30 days) $125.00 USD


***Note – the only thing you won’t know on a daily basis, is whether we are playing any of the 10 as Key Releases. That info is reserved for Key Release subscribers. Key Release subscribers also receive the Top 10 daily card. If you’d like info on the Key Releases, Click Here